Friday, May 2, 2008

More of Barbara's great advice

Babs is still offering her two cents on issues that she isn't qualified to answer:

Q: I have a neighbor who has a nasty boyfriend. When he comes over, he's abusive and threatening. I finally had to call the police. My neighbors are both in their 60s. He left before the police came, but I have his name, address, license plate, etc. I've put up with his ravings for some years — and now he has threatened to do me harm. The police, though, say they can't do anything until he actually does something. I've lived in my home for 48 years and don't want to move. Our neighborhood is a nice one, except for this creep. Any suggestions?

A: I'd find myself a young, musclebound bodyguard and offer him free rent and board. Although he'll be as powerless as you to change the un-neighborly situation, at least he'll look intimidating and you'll sleep a lot better at night.

And if you strut down the street together once a week, you'll have the bonus of being the envy of all your older neighbors.

Obviously she assumes she's talking to a female reader with extra space. The correct thing to do in order to answer this appropriately would be to consult a police expert.


faster340 said...

This woman is more dense than the cement she tells people to pave their front yards with!I guess she has nothing to do with all the foreclosures happening!

Anonymous said...

"The police, though, say they can't do anything until he actually does something"

Didn't the writer of the letter consult the police? Maybe he wasn't expert, but where do you find one of those? Does the police department have an expert division? Is there a private police expert firm? It sound facetious, but I would really like to know.

I have seen plenty of people, myself included, with harrassing neighbors all told the same thing by police. I don't agree with Barbara, but what are the options?

Anonymous said...

Tape it and send it to Crappy.

ken said...

Ann Landers & Dear Abby have nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

who cares about this shit?

KG2V said...

The NYPD said what? A threat of harm IS assult. Talk to a lawyer - get a restrining order. Of course, if she lived outside the peoples republic of NYC, I'd suggest arming herself

"when you need help in seconds, the police are only minutes away"

Anonymous said...

The NYPD said what? A threat of harm IS assult.

HUH?. It's called Harassment and it's not even a crime. It's a violation. But please, don't ever let the facts get in the way of your anti police agenda. Moron.