Sunday, May 11, 2008

More council corruption

ONE of the city's most ambitious initiatives to reduce unemployment in minority communities was "terribly tainted" when City Council members tried to steer millions of dollars worth of contracts to groups they favored, The Post has learned.

The council members' conduct was, at the least, unethical and, at the most, illegal.


Sources said council members interfered with a Request For Proposals issued by the United Way in 2005, seeking organizations that could provide training and workforce development for the so-called NYCWorks program, initially funded with $14 million.

"They let people get the inside track to do things the general public wasn't afforded," said one government source. In some cases, council members lobbied to win contracts for their particular groups. In other cases, they advocated that certain groups be allowed to make submissions after the deadline.

Groups with incomplete proposals were allowed to complete them after council members intervened. "The whole thing was terribly tainted," said another source.


Anonymous said...

Where was Thompson, the Mayor and OMB on this?

Where are the reporters to ask that question?

The pols steal our money because they know that nobody will go after them, including the DAs or the city's department of investigation.

Anonymous said...

Where was that paragon of integrity and virtue on all this? The and only beacon of hope for the little man, Mr. Tony Avella? He had no knowledge of all this? Has anyone looked into his role in any of this entire scandal?

Anonymous said...

Easy there Pinky. Avella's name has yet to surface regarding this issue. Or rape for that matter.