Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mill Basin waterfront crap

Looks like Frank Lloyd Crap has been spending some time in Mill Basin, Brooklyn...

The homes of Mill Basin can be charming, controversial, daunting — even shocking. One has three fake turrets right out of a children's fairy tale. Others are so large they look like temples. Michael Appleton, a Daily News photographer who shot post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, says some of the homes remind him of minipalaces in Baghdad. Costing upward of $1.5 million, the new-construction houses were put up on the sites of original bungalows.

The remaining early-Mill Basin houses are quaint brick-and-wood Colonial-style homes or ranches with perfectly manicured lawns. Depending on condition and location, these homes range from $1.5 million on the water to $750,000 inland.

"People often buy up the older homes to acquire the piece of land," says Cornerstone's Moskovits. "They demolish the older structure and build something new. Some do it as investments, others to live."


Anonymous said...

Also known as "mob crap"

Anonymous said...

Talk about mobed up. You picture in this story is State Senator Carl Kruger house. If you want to see the mob, I mean the developers who run things just look at the millions in contributions he has collected from them.

In the last 2 years he has collected over 2 million in campagn contributions

Anonymous said...

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