Thursday, May 15, 2008

LPC designates 56 more Manhattan buildings

The Landmarks Preservation Commission was concerned that Manhattan didn't have enough protected structures, so they designated the NoHo historic district yesterday. (The red building on the left looks like it belongs on Vernon Blvd. but hell will freeze over before anything in LIC is preserved.)


Anonymous said...

LPC to Queens:

"We're so understaffed and our budget's being cut.
We'll get around to you (eventually)"!

LPC to Manhattan:

"We've got plenty of resources
to calender a multitude of new sites any time they're submitted for evaluation....not to worry"!

Anonymous said...

Vernon Blv'd. isn't located on
Manhattan's "gold coast" tourist corridor and it's been red lined for over development!

Taxpayer said...

This is the Lying, Turtle-faced midget Commissar paying off his "precious" supporters before he leaves the scene for prison.

Anonymous said...

You are right! So .... why doesn't the preservation community do something about it?

Anonymous said...

"We're so understaffed and our budget's being cut.
We'll get around to you (eventually)"!


Hey, look at the reformers in preservation: a few hundred thousands when millions are needed.

Anonymous said...

the law should be overturned until something is in place to make it fair.

why should my taxes be used to support rich people when they don;t make an effort for me?

Someone, please challenge this.

Anonymous said...

After the recent HDC attempt
at a "palace coupe"
to depose an enthusiastic
Queens booster,
you'll soon be seeing that organization return to their old Manhattan-centric role
as an accomplice of the LPC!

First MAS spawned HDC.
Then HDC spawned CECPP.

What were being offered here
is a spoon full of alphabet soup from a bowl of Manhattan preservation chowder!

Anonymous said...

What's all this?
HDC? Enthusiastic Queens "booster"?

What are you getting at "anonymous"?

Are they trying to dump Dr. "K"?

Anonymous said...

That upper class HDC is
full of too many aging
"Biff and Muffie" prep school types
to really give a damn about
us common folk in far away Queens !

They occasionally will
take on a few of our charity cases
to fulfill their "noblese oblige"
quotas to the under class.

Anonymous said...


So when we all find ourselves
together in the same boat,
we might strike out
and set a course for some real reform!

Perhaps, only then, all boroughs
will be equally served
by a newly created
preservation commission
in a proper and democratic manner!