Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jamaica rezone's unintended consequences

It has been months since a sweeping rezoning plan for Jamaica won city approval, bolstered by hopes of an economic renaissance.

But some small businesses and nonprofit groups - many of them mainstays of the shabby shopping strip along Jamaica Ave. - have become unintended casualties of the city's vision.

Since December, 16 firms have moved from an office building at 161-10 Jamaica Ave. - an ornate structure that dates back to 1921.

Most of the small law firms and nonprofits that once filled the building have relocated or shut down for good. The three that remain are either fighting their eviction in court or are about to move.

Rezoning of Jamaica hurts small businesses, nonprofits

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Anonymous said...

Funny, where is Cultural Czar Terri Osborne on this?

How about Queens Council on the Arts?