Sunday, May 18, 2008

Four women nabbed in massage parlor busts


Four women -- including a 68-year-old -- were arrested Friday in stings of illegal massage parlors in Lynbrook and Levittown, Nassau police said.

In addition, three of the women face prostitution charges for offering manual sex to undercover police detectives, said Officer Adele Burke, a police spokeswoman.

At Lynbrook's New Joy Spa at 144 Hendrickson Ave., Jabong Lee, 56, of South Main Street in New City, and Cha Og Aan, 68, of 51st Avenue in Elmhurst, were charged with unauthorized practice. Lee was also charged with prostitution, police said.

At a Levittown tanning salon at 2711 Hempstead Turnpike, Yue Hua Li, 30, of 64th Avenue in Fresh Meadows, and Ren Suan Xu, 44, of 35th Avenue in Flushing, were both charged with unauthorized practice and prostitution, police said.

They are scheduled to be arraigned Sunday at First District Court in Hempstead, police said.


Anonymous said...

But I thought we were told to
"look the other way" because prostitution is an essential part of Asian culture!

Anonymous said...

Hey C.M. Liu....another one of your
countrymen (er....better make that countrywoman)from F-Liu-xhing I see!

Why don't we just license Asian whore houses and make them submit to regular health and medical checks like they do in Amsterdam.

Then NYC can skim a little off the top and we can all come out ahead
a little.

The remaining question is,
what should NYC call this new "surcharge"?

Anonymous said...

So should we "look the other way" with bookies because degenerate gambling is an essential part of Italian culture?

Anonymous said...

I was being sarcastic about
looking the other way bub.

Have another cup of coffee
(or tea) and wake up!

Anonymous said...

Any of you Liu-licker sophs up yet?

ghost of "nick the greek" said...

Actually the Greeks and Chinese are some of the most current heaviest gamblers!

don vito said...

Is somebody bashing "Itals"
here fella?

Somebody's gonna "sleep with the fishes" if they are (ha, ha)!

secret vickie said...

And I thought that the medium
(or "Multi Media") was the massage.

Stop running those nasty
rub shop ads in the Trib
Mr. Schenkler!

we know they bring in
all that ad revenue and the "favors"for the staff!

Try running
wedding factory ads instead.

That's how my weekly rag
makes its loot!

It certainly ain't
from quality news gathering.

Anonymous said...

They should legalize these houses of prostitution. The city would make a fortune by slapping a tax on them, and the women could be screened, like they do in Nevada. The city loves when they can tax something. How about "FLAT ON THEIR BACKS TAX?" Anyone else have a better name for this tax?

Anonymous said...

Why are massage parlor prostitution busts covered by queens crap? I mean, what exactly sets this aside from other crimes? Or even other prostitution busts?

You know, other than closeted racism of course.

Anonymous said...

Yes why are these things covered? We all know these things never happen in Queens, land of the happy diverse tweeded.

Queens Crapper said...

Hmmm, well I covered the mob bust, the Spitzer scandal, drunk driving pols, drug busts and counterfeiting, but I guess I should leave prostitution alone. Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Nice reply Crappy! To that question as to why6 should this be covered, I would simply say read the name of the blog, good answer! but hey..OK my turn..

I cannot belive te recent activity I have noticed in the past few months of massage polor activity on main st between northern and roosvet. Its really never been their, it is now, and I was taken back , on rooseevt., be the handouts now their, right up the staire, never seen it their! wow this is all within a 10 sq block circle of the 109!

Now as far as name calling and making nasty comments directed to the natianally of the new people of flushing, I say to ye , yes its dirty and smelly, but so was you grandparants and parants section of the US of A when they landed here from overseas to thei new home, remember the gehtto of the lower east sides, thos folks made this county what you want it to be today , but it is!

Anonymous said...

Got news for you -- these massage parlors have been there for years (Hong Kong Gardens, off northern and main, according to the guys on my block). Now there are so many in such a concentrated area, they are getting more attention.

And back when my grandparents came over, it was called immigration and assimilation. Now, it is simply an invasion -- when one group completely takes over a geographic location with no regard for the existing locale and residents.

Anonymous said...

how about teh 1 on 74th in middle village been goin on for years

Anonymous said...

""And back when my grandparents came over, it was called immigration and assimilation. Now, it is simply an invasion -- when one group completely takes over a geographic location with no regard for the existing locale and residents.""

O Puleeze,,,I am a true american, 50y/o male from bklyn, now queens for 20 years. SO I KNOW!

That crap about "immigration and assimilation" is just a pharse race baters and haters and other malcantents use to point to something that never was, and about taking over hole hoods. please like the irish german jewish , and whatever never had they own nehiborhoods back in the 20's 40's 50's and 60's,, yes the did and whats left hold on to the same thing that the new fplks are making now..

Fat Lieutenant Pete Martin said...

There's nothing wrong with a rub and a tug with a happy ending. Crappy needs to manually release or take a laxitive.

Anonymous said...

74th and what in Middle

Anonymous said...

There were about 41 documented
Asian run massage parlor/whore houses in the vicinity of the "glorious" 109th PCT about about ten years ago.

I'm sure that number
has increased since then!

A few operate with the blessings of local law enforcement.

The news media has confirmed that some cops have received favors and bribes for "looking the other way"!

Wazz-up Commander Whelan?

Anonymous said...

"Closeted racism"?
No, ONLY THE TRUTH spoken here!

This is just another knee-jerk attempt at diversion....
the all too familiar "race card "
is being dealt from the bottom
of the deck to cover up some very embarrassing facts the Asian community refuses to deal with!

we haven't mentioned the illegal gambling den, human trafficking raids out of concern for you
folks "saving face"!

Anonymous said...

Hey "fat lieutenant"....
are you one of those crooked cops
who worked for a local Asian madam
and strong armed her competition
that made news headlines?

Maybe you sound a little more
like Pinky.

Better watch out former C.M.
It's illegal to impersonate an officer!

Anonymous said...

All of you
"Liu-lickers"out there...
learn to deal with the problem
of Asian prostitution,
instead of hurling phony accusations of racism
in a wasted attempt to divert attention from the truth that it really exists!

Maybe a Flushing sex tour junket
could be just the thing
to attract "tourism" to Queens
(Heh, heh, heh, Ms. Herce) !

Anonymous said...

I can always turn to the crappy for intelligent conversation . . . .NOT!

Anonymous said...

It's always fun
to stir-fry a Liu-licker.

And such great sport
to stuff you sopho-morons!

Just slice and dice and serve over...