Monday, May 19, 2008

Emergency rooms overcrowded

Overcrowding in the city's emergency rooms has become so acute that ambulances are steered elsewhere and patients warehoused for hours in what doctors say is a deadly wait for beds.

In a survey of 425 ER doctors in New York last year, 69 percent said they had personally experienced a patient suffering harm because there was no hospital bed available and the patient was held in the ER. And 28 percent said a patient died as a result.

The city's ERs were so full between January and March that most of them spent time on "diversion" - when hospitals ask ambulances to stay away because their ERs are so overcrowded. City ERs were on diversion a total of 5,600 hours - a 77 percent increase over the same period last year, a Post investigation found.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to Elmhurst Hospital where illegals use the ER in lieu
of an office visit to a doctor to treat a common cold!

Come to think of it, unless you have a gunshot or stab wound, you don't want to avail yourself of their low caliber services!

Jamaica Hospital is also "great"
for digging out bullets!

The only top rated hospital
in Queens is LIJ.

But you won't get taken there unless you're within the 20 (?) minute travel time radius.

Whatever you do,
stay away from Flushing Hospital.

See, now if we all lived in Manhattan, we'd have far better medical choices!

Anonymous said...

And that bovine bitch Shulman
(a former nurse herself)
the root cause for lousy hospitals
and overcrowded ERs!

Anonymous said...

This is a shame. Health care costs are skyrocketing and care is declining.

Unfortunately, illegal immigrants are a big part of the problem. Use of the ER for free medical the other.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Flushing Hospital? I heard good things not bad.

Anonymous said...

In Queens and places like Nassau County Hospital in Uniondale illegal immigrants make up over 60% of the people in the Emergency room. They go for basicly everything and anything and dont mind waiting days problem they sit around for days for a slot with the clinic doc and they get free dental

Hospitals are going bankrupt, all the good ER doctors are fed up and gone

Anonymous said...

then you take your family there,
if you're so cock-sure of their "good" reputation.

When the ambulance driver
was starting to head
towards for Flushing Hospital,
after responding to my 911 call,
I told him not to take my mother there and directed him to LIJ or face a lawsuit!

Was that Stephan Mills posting