Monday, May 19, 2008

Desperate drivers turn to vegetable oil fuel


City drivers - some ecologically inclined, others feeling the pinch of rising gas costs - are retrofitting their diesel cars to run on vegetable oil, despite an Environmental Protection Agency threat of a $32,000-per-day fine.

Vegetable oil and its byproducts are not an approved fuel, the agency says, because they have not been sufficiently tested.

But New York City firefighter Phil Gibbs, 49, runs a Volkswagen, a pickup truck and a 1,500 square-foot weekend house in Connecticut on veggie oil that he gets for free from The Park Slope Chip Shop, a restaurant on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn.

"It's one of those few things that is so good, you would never believe it could be true," Gibbs said.
The EPA has "conducted some inspections" regarding "noncompliant biodiesel," which includes vegetable oil, said agency spokesman Dave Ryan.

"Because these investigations are ongoing, we cannot discuss them," he added. "The maximum penalty could be $32,500 per day per violation if someone is using vegetable oil that has not been processed as required by the Clean Air Act."

Vegetable oil gets similar gas mileage to diesel, but produces far less harmful emissions, says the National VegOil Board, a California-based nonprofit aimed at educating the public about grease cars.


Eric Arthur Blair said...

The EPA has "conducted some inspections" regarding "noncompliant biodiesel," which includes vegetable oil, said agency spokesman Dave Ryan.

I wonder which group of people will be targeted for prosecution:

1.) Environmentalists using vegetable oil to power their cars
2.) Business owners using illegal alien labor

Funny how the government has the will to enforce laws when they really want to!

-Joe said...

I’m running a Veg and Soy oil VW (with a hydrizer)here at the farmhouse. Its emissions are far less then transportation Diesel on my SUNN emissions analyzer
The Government is pissed because they don’t know how to tax it.

If the government would stop having federal reserve print trillions of free money to spend our dollar would not be turning to shit in the first place !!!!
For every cent the dollar looses boosts oil prices +$4

……..Gonna bring us to our knees to force a merge with Canada, Mexico and Central America (North American Union) to compete with the Euro.
Thank you Clinton “NAFTA SHAFTA” and the Bush Bonesmen mob.
Assh*les all of em !

I wish Ron Paul could get in 2008, the media and big coperations that own it wont give him the time of day