Thursday, May 15, 2008

Councilwoman under DOI investigation

A criminal investigation has been launched into allegations that Bronx City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo funneled taxpayer money to a nonprofit that employed her relatives.

City pol now in criminal probe

City officials confirmed the probe Wednesday, a month after the Daily News disclosed that Arroyo directed $82,500 in 2007 to the South Bronx Community Corp., where her sister was the fiscal officer and her nephew was executive director.

The Department of Youth and Community Development cited the investigation in rejecting a request for documents The News filed under the state Freedom of Information law.

The News had asked the agency to turn over all records involving funding to the nonprofit.

"[We have] been informed by the New York City Department of Investigation of an ongoing criminal investigation, and that the release at this time of the information you requested would interfere with that investigation," said Michael Owh, lawyer for the youth agency.

DOI officials declined to comment.


Taxpayer said...

Shoes are dropping.

When are the investigators going to dig into the sale and purchase of congestion tax votes with the Commissar's slush fund filled with our money?

Get this: He swipes our tax money to pay off council members who are already paid by our tax money to have them vote to swipe even more of our money via his moronic Congestion Tax that he would use for anything else but mass transit improvement.

And the Commissar wasn't even an original thinker on this Congestion Tax. He swiped that moronic idea from the former mayor of London, "Red" Ken Livingston.

It's a moronic idea because it doesn't work, and none of the tax money raised was spent to improve mass transit.

But, the Commissar and his paid-for Council stooges like to keep reminding us that they can confiscate out earnings whenever they wish. Control and ambition.

Anonymous said...

And just wait till Mayor Megabucks starts throwing the bucks to pass his charter revision to give all power to the Mayoralty, or is that the May-royalty.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so when is Melinda Katz's turn?