Thursday, May 1, 2008

Council slush puppies

More than a third of the City Council has reported conflicts of interest with the nonprofit groups they pump taxpayer dollars into, a Daily News review has found.

Twenty of the 51 City Council members - nearly 40% - reported a conflict last year involving nonprofits.

Lots O'Queens pols listed here...

Slush pols look after their own


hooper said...

I want to see if Gallagher gave council money to the Pinky civic association. He's not related to anyone on their board, but if he funneled money to a do-nothing organization headed by his dim-wit cronies, that's as bad as any of this other bullshit in my book.

Anonymous said...

40% and still counting....WOW !

That means
that most of our "representatives"
are f----g CROOKS !!!!

Now why should that surprise me?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "Pinky"
dipped into the slush fund
to buy Viagra and settle up
his bar tab ?