Sunday, May 11, 2008

Church stolen with fraudulent deed

A con-man parishioner stole his Brooklyn church and sold it to a developer in a deed scam that's become increasingly prevalent citywide, the Daily News has learned.

The Free Mission Action Movement Church, founded in 1979, sits on four adjacent lots on Sutter Ave. in East New York.

Scammer stole his Brooklyn church

The $1 million property, church included, was stolen by Derrick Jones, 43, who easily managed to get the City Register to record forged deeds.

He used two notaries public and one of the nation's biggest title companies to add touches of legitimacy to his scam.

Jones is visibly crippled with multiple sclerosis and plays on his condition to get people to help him, according to prosecutors and the church pastor.

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Anonymous said...

You need 12 pieces of ID to get a driver license but can apparently take someone else's property with no review.