Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Avella the only elected at zoning rally

Councilman Tony Avella was the only elected official to show up at the Queens Civic Congress overdevelopment rally at borough hall yesterday. Being asked to sign a commitment letter must have scared the other pols away...

Here's additional photos of the event by Christina Wilkinson of the Juniper Park Civic Association.


Anonymous said...

I guess that the rest of the pols
are afraid to commit their lies of supporting down zoning in writing!

That's gonna cost you plenty
at the polls during the next election fellas!

Queens is watching carefully on this
issue, since it affects ALL of us!

Anonymous said...

Go Tony!

As for the rest of you unsigned creeps...there's no free ride for you this time!

You are going to have to work for your living like the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

Outside of a handful of Bayside poeple who are in the strict minority and the JPCA twits, no one gives a damn about this phony Avella.

Anonymous said...

and those political "pundits"
didn't think that Obama had a chance either and look where he is now!

"The times they are a changin"
(as Bob Dylan once sang out) fella!

You....you're just past it
and don't know it yet!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see him in Gracie Mansion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3- Don't be so sure, I for one think you are the "twit" People from all over Queens were present at the QCC meeting even in the inclement weather. Wanting to preserve and protect neighborhoods and our eroding quality of life is laudable. If we don't do something now about curtailing overdevelopment Queens will loose its charm, trees and long time residents.
I consider Tony Avella courageous for doing the work so many elected officials fail to do. Most council members are all talk but missing in action, others are too busy accepting donations from developers and screwing the communities they profess to love! We need many more Tony Avellas.

Anonymous said...

Don't insult a Tony Avella supporter!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Avella attended and spoke since he's a mensch. The other councilmembers don't care for people in the rightful definition. They purely suck!

Taxpayer said...

Mayor Tony! Mayor A+! Hizzoner.

This will be how we refer to Tony Avella once this grotesque developer has gone.

Isn't it time that New Yorkers had a mayor who actually put his own garbage cans to the curb, mows his own lawn, and has neighborly conversations with ordinary, taxpaying citizens?

The answer is easy: YES!!!

Anonymous said...


(corny but it rhymes)

KG2V said...

I'm all for Tony - now here is the question, how many of you have put your MONEY where your mouth is, and donated to his campagin (time and/or Money)?

(I have)

Anonymous said...

I have too!

Anonymous said...

hers's my donation to duck face. A quarter. Call someone who cares. Actually, here's two quarters. Call both of them.

Anonymous said...

I love Tony Avella!!!!!

leah said...

Tony thinks he's disliked by his colleagues because he's so righteous. He's actually disliked because he's a repulsive ass.

Anonymous said...

His disliked by his constituency as well. Intensely. He will be nothing more than a fringe candidate in the primary and once vanquished, will hopefully quietly go away.

Anonymous said...

Once again fella....
nobody expected Obama to be where he is....and he is on the top of his party right now.

Avella represents the current feelings among New Yorkers, that they've been screwed by
greedy developers and their pol/pals for too f----g long.

The city is ready for a real
(not a clubhouse ) change and I wouldn't discount Tony's chances before the game is up!

I think that maybe our old "friend"
Peter Bodoofus might be posting again!

Still licking your wounds
and weeping in bitterness from Avella trouncing you
during the last race?

Isn't that just like our little
mamma's boy?

Did I forget to mention
Mr. Bodoofus is an engineer
who works for developers
(maybe some of the very ones ruining our neighborhoods)?

Anonymous said...

Tony unpopular
among his constituents?

You only wish it were so!

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, not for Avella's constituency.

You're just another jealous phony claiming to represent everyone....
but in reality a pitiful majority of one!

Did the little voices in your head tell you that Tony is disliked?

Maybe by Bloomberg
and the Queens clubhouse for honestly speaking out against corruption in NYC!

But they're not the ones that are going to be voting for him in 2009.

It's all of us New Yorkers bub!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt Tony Avella will be our next mayor. He is EXACTLY what this city needs.

GO TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Methinks our little David
is going to hurl a very big stone at Goliath... and thus deal NYC's
clubhouse a gaping mortal wound!

You can "tweed" some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time.

But you can't "tweed" all of the people all of the time!

There's a change upon the wind!