Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Avella endorses Ober

Despite Elizabeth Crowley's claim that she "has the support of every Council Democrat" in the Council District 30 special election, Councilman Tony Avella came out to Maspeth in the rain this afternoon to throw his support behind fellow Democrat Charles Ober. The Independence Party has endorsed him, and two Dem clubs recently defected from the Crowley camp to also support Ober, including the 504 Democratic Club. This may turn out to be a real contest despite the best efforts of the Parkside Group and the rest of the Queens Machine.


Anonymous said...

Thank God someone has integrity.

Taxpayer said...

Once Ober is elected, perhaps he'll have the charity to hire Crowley for a few hours a week to run errands, and to learn how an elected official performs a job.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see "Parkside" take a fall... slipping on the banana peel of their own overconfidence!

Oh to be a fly on the wall when that plump Stavisky brat first hears that Ober has won despite their bag of dirty tricks they regularly perform for the clubhouse!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Convicted from Assembyman and union leader Brian McLaughlin is ratting out Parkside at this very second.

Word on the street is that he took money from Parkside also after he got them union and lobbying work.

It is the Feds doing this so there is hope that Parkside is in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

they look like a good couple

Anonymous said...

Avella is terrible.

He panders to all of the interests outside of his own district and ignores his own.

Preservationist? That's just the newest bandwagon he's jumped upon to curry favor. Just ask anyone that actually lives in his district.

Anonymous said...

I live in his district doofus,
he's doing a great job here in NE Queens and is by far the best Councilman in the whole Council.
No one works harder to research, create and pass good legislation, nor cares more about the middle-class and what's still good about the place (and equally to fight what's wrong).

Go away.

Andros Kaporis said...

Tony is a paper tiger all full of hot air. I predict Ober loses 5% of his votes because of this endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella supported the renaming of a street for Sonny Carson.

'Nuff Said.

Anonymous said...

And the others sold out to give you congestion pricing. How does a sign affect your life?

Anonymous said...

If you actually did live in his district (I'm a Whitestone resident) you wouldn't be supporting this self promoting blowhard. This isn't aboput Crowley ,Ober or whoever for the 30th District. Enough about Avella. He is not popular here. The man is a transparent phony. As phony as that make believe anonymous poster whose masquerading as a "NE Queens" resident. I'm calling BULLSHIT.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Pinky is back. Or eviler twin.

Paul DiBenedetto said...

I live in NE Queens.
Tony's done more for preservation than any Councilman I've ever known.
We're pretty lucky to have both Frank Padavan and Tony Avella as our elected officials.

Anonymous said...

"How does a sign affect your life?"

First off Sonny Carson is a convicted felon. (He was found guilty of kidnapping and attempted murder).

He proclaimed himself to be not only be "anti-semite", but "anti-white".

He protested against Korean grocers in black neighborhoods becuase they didn't "look like us".

After the Yankel Rosenbaum incident in Crown heights, Carson said he was "very proud" of what happened.

How does this affect me?!

I find it incredibly offensive that one of our elected officials would support such a hateful person.

What sane person would support someone with this type of background?

Plain and simple: Avella tried pandering to the black population by supporting this preposterous initiative.

Anonymous said...

Frankly putting people's names on street signs signifies or honors no one anyway. Empty political gesture. Not worth getting angry about. We have much bigger problems we should be addressing. Like the suffering of the living as an example.

Christina Wilkinson said...

If you guys in eastern Queens truly don't want Avella, we'd be happy to take him over here in Maspeth. He's a vast improvement over what we just got rid of.

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella has done more for Queens than ANY of these other politicians!

Anonymous said...

Methinks a "friend"
of Peter Boudouvis
("Bo-doofus") still doesn't like Tony for defeating his asshole buddy in a political landslide!

If Avella wasn't so well liked for the great job he's done for his constituents...how come "Bo-doofus" lost the election?

What a whimp. And please loose that Frankenstein monster hairdo Peter!
"Scatta no fas"(hope I've spelled that right)!

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous: You were asked a simple question: How does the name on a street sign affect you?

Your answer? "I find it incredibly offensive that one of our elected officials would support such a hateful person."

When did you last shop at the "Offense Factory Outlet"? These manufactured offenses are cheap nowadays, what with the political season in full swing.

Carson, Carson, Carson! There! How's that for a triple play offense?

Now, how did that affect your life?

Get an adult life!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Padavan the guy who opposed the modest expansion of a children's hospital, even though it would affect no other buildings or traffic, as a knee-jerk reaction against any new construction?

Anonymous said...

Someone better tell the Ober campaign that Michael Mascetti is working for Crowley to get info from Ober's campaign manager to get back to Crowley. They promised him a lot of money for his nonprofit if he gets info out of the campaign manager and gives it to Crowley.

I got wind of this a few days ago at Crowley's campaign that Michael had told Crowley's people that he had an in with the Ober campaign and that he could get info out of the campaign to give to Crowley and they promised him a lot of money for his non-profit and something about Michael's father needing a job in the union. so beware Ober that this is out there. Can someone please get this message to the Ober People in case he is in contact with them. They need to know about this right away.