Monday, April 14, 2008

Push to get teens on community boards

Teenagers as young as 16 may soon be allowed to serve on the city's 59 community boards, giving them the opportunity to weigh in on everything from inadequate garbage collection to million-dollar development projects.

City and state officials are sponsoring a resolution that would allow people under the age of 18 to be appointed to the boards, the Daily News has learned.

Push to let teens sit on community boards


Anonymous said...

So now we'll have
teenage sock puppets on the CBs which have no real power anyway!

but the CBs are your entre
into government.

In the pig's eye!

They're just a sugar pill
that can't cure the corruption
that they themselves perpetrate!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the CBs and save NYC
tons of money.

For example,CB#7's Marilyn Bitterman, we've heard, gets paid
around 80+ Gs a year.

Do the math.
Are CBs really worth having?

Taxpayer said...

Yes, teens really have valuable experience to use to help solve community problems. NOT!

Nothing would be better than to have a star-struck teen who gets his/her news from MTV or VH1 to be having a sustained interest in, say, sewage treatment or sanitation.

Sock puppets is the real objective, as Anon # 1 says.

Maurice Chevalier said...

Why not inject some "young blood" into government? Too bad Bubba Clinton, Spitzer, and McGreevey aren't in office to reap the "benefits". But Paterson has a chance.

faster340 said...

Yeah like the group of teenage girls who have been on the news this past week for beating up another girl so they could post it on UTube so they could become famous?!?!

Yeah that's what I want on my CB!!!

Let them be what they are, kids. Stop pushing them to be grown up before their time.

Liman said...

Exactly what is the reason for this proposal? Why are we promoting the idea of inexperienced kids who aren't homeowners for community planning? Oh, wait, those ARE the reasons.

Anonymous said...

Same reason there is a big push to put ARCHITECTS on the community boards.

Anyone but the middle class activist.