Monday, April 14, 2008

A real brainiac

April 13, 2008 -- QUEENS

A dimwitted ex-con was nabbed for breaking into a Forest Hills home after he dropped a letter addressed to him at the scene, authorities said yesterday.

Dennis Davis, 53, allegedly busted into a house on 110th Street near 69th Avenue by smashing a basement window between 8 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. last Tuesday.

When the woman renting the place came home, she found furniture in disarray.

She also found an envelope from the Legal Aid Society addressed to Davis, authorities said.

Cops caught up with Davis a short time later, and he admitted he broke into the home, officials said.

Davis, who had been released from jail a week earlier on an unrelated criminal-trespassing charge, has served six stints in state prison for burglary-related crimes. He has an arrest record dating back to 1986, authorities said.

He was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and unlawful possession, according to a spokesman for DA Richard Brown.

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Taxpayer said...

Whoa! Think this through.

The Legal Aid Lawyer was only trying to mail a letter to the perp to notify him that should he commit some other crime and get arrested, all the free services are for the criminal to avoid responsibility.

After all, this fellow broke into the home to educate himself on what kind of life he could lead if he stopped breaking into homes.

He left the letter to assist the police. No burden is too much for any civilized burglar!

As for your taxes paying for stupid lawyers and criminals, that's what you want or you would no longer elect candidates who weep for criminals while picking your pocket to enrich themselves.

Yeah Crime, Yeah!