Monday, April 14, 2008

Crocheron Avenue attempted arboricide

On the west side of 163rd Street between 35th and Crocheron Avenues, a shifty homeowner tried to cut down 2 old Silver Maple CITY OWNED trees!

The neighbors raised hell....hugged the trees and all... and stopped it.

I'm forwarding 2 flix and told the persons that have shots of the actual proceedings to post on Queens Crap.
Apparently the tree cutting service actually had the balls to claim they were city contractors.

I'm sick of arborcide! - Verdi


ken said...

...a fine should be issued, for hacked off limb.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that
the NYC Parks Department
can fine anyone who damages
or cuts down a city owned tree


Are all of you potential
tree murderers reading this?

Anonymous said...

So what are you going to do about this Mayor Boob-berg?

How about protecting our
stately mature trees
instead of your promotional gimmick
of planting one million saplings ?

We know why.....
planting new trees
offers photo ops,
while caring for existing trees
doesn't get the politicians
any PR coverage!

Anonymous said...

The city, in most cases, owns
property fifteen feet from the curb and any tree within that
distance belongs to them.

I would suggest that
the Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association identify and send written notification to all homeowners who have city owned trees on their property indicating that they are forbidden to trim or cut them down.

We Light Up Queens said...

It looks considerably worse the way it is now. Should have let the guy at least finish.

Anonymous said...

We know what you just lit up in Queens.....a big damn blunt.

Puffing must have put a
momentary glitch in your logic board.

This 80+ year old tree
happens to be a living thing....
pretty much like yourself.....
am I right?

And if you (heaven forbid)
lost an arm or a leg,
I suppose
(following your twisted thinking),
it would be better to finish you off as well....h-m-m-m? !!!!

You'd better go back to your crack pipe to look for an answer.

Uh....duh....and what about
letting the homeowner destroy city property? Do you also think he should be let off without being heavily fined?

But take heart, "Mr. Light Up"
the tree might die,
because of its wound, and your wish may yet come true!