Friday, April 18, 2008

Daily News defines a new tweeding term

Retail on and off Main St. continues to push into the second and third floors, where mortgage brokers and dentists set up shop above restaurants and banks. There's so much signage for tarot cards, acupuncturists and massage parlors, the area feels almost decadent. Not an inch of space gets wasted here.

Decadent? This must be a new tweeding term.

Would I live here? Of course. This is New York; I'd live here and love every second of it.

So why don't you?

Business, condos, new stadium fuel growth in downtown Flushing


Anonymous said...

So Muss messes up Flushing.

No wonder there's such a mad scramble to get rid of the
Willets Point businesses.

Who'd want to buy an overpriced condo to have a breathtaking view of the junk yards?

Or are these "units" designed solely for the Asian market?

They'd buy anything
that's an improvement over
the squalid living conditions
of their home countries!

Anonymous said...

Further inland, 1920s single-family houses, some mansions, contend with imposing new all-brick developments


Interesting spin on destroying the beutiful fabric of Flushing for the urban nightmare of a slum its become, don't you think?

Now on to reading about the glorious accomplishments of our leaders, Kim-Il Suung and his brother, Menta-Li Il.

Anonymous said...

"Flushing is exciting. It never stops. Even as darkness approaches, the karaoke bars open. Song is everywhere, until dawn, when Flushing's busy days begin again. Would I live here? Of course."

Writing shit like this not only degrades the Daily News (RE adversting! RE adversting!) but insults the people of Queens.

The empororer has no cloths, people. Flushing is an urban nightmare. It is a festing slum.

Accept it.

Anonymous said...

Flushing used to be known
as "Huang Kong",
now it's "F-LIU-xhing".

Or,as Wellington Chen so brilliantly stated, "A crappy Chinatown"!

the ghost of bette davis said...

"What a dump"!

Anonymous said...

Myra Herce doesn't give a crap.....
she's getting her share of the take.

Why....her snoot has been under the
gravy faucet for years!

Joshua said...

I'm still waiting for the new residents of SkyParc get a whiff of the Flushing River at low tide. Is their Parc Sky-high enough in luxury to rise above the scent?

Anonymous said...

Who else would live there? None of the signs for those "decadent" shops are in English. So how would someone know if its an accupunturist, a dentist, or a mortgage office? Its a dump!! When the LIRR opens its doors at that stop, it smells awful.

NewYorkDave said...

All right, I gotta admit my ignorance. I see the word "tweeding" used all over this blog but I have only the vaguest idea of what it means. Could you please enlighten the uninitiated? Does it have something to do with Boss Tweed?

Anonymous said...

Dave, try this:

With this ammunition, you can now write something about all those 'Archie' Bunkers in Queens.

But if you do see a problem here (and unlike the media, politicians, etc don't benefit from it) you might want to start using the word and encourage others to do so.

It just might change the landscape of our city.

NewYorkDave said...

I'm originally from Ridgewood. I'm not Archie Bunker, but I suppose you could say I'm his grandson ;)

So, then, "tweeding" is a process whereby Queens is being turned into servants' quarters to house an immigrant underclass that serves the rich people in Manhattan and Brooklyn--and also to create an easily-controlled voting base for corrupt politicians? Do I have this right? If so, how does this differ from previous "ethnic communities" that have established themselves in Queens--e.g., my own German ancestors?

I don't have an agenda, I'm just trying to understand.

Anonymous said...

If so, how does this differ from previous "ethnic communities" that have established themselves in Queens--e.g., my own German ancestors?

It doesn't. After experiencing progress from that era, most of us don't want to turn back the clock a 100 or 150 years.

Would you want to put up with the things (for example work or housing conditions)that your grandparents did?

Before your respond, I would suggest you read the vast body of works created during the 'Progessive Era.'

And oh, yes, its not something of pride to call yourself 'Archie Bunker's gandson' any more than an African-American would call themselves 'Sambo's grandson.'

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, Orginally from Queens? Do you live in Queens today - why did you move?

NewYorkDave said...

Anonymous April 20 #1: you seem to be making a number of assumptions about me and my views. Obviously, you're looking to pick a fight with somebody, but I'm not going to play along.

Anonymous April 20 #2: I didn't have a choice in the matter, my family moved when I was still a minor. I didn't want to leave. Even with all the time that has passed, I still like to keep up with what's going on in my old borough.

Anonymous said...

Let's make it simple folks.

Every borough has its sphincter.

Flushing is the asshole of Queens
(and it's appropriately named)!

End of story.