Friday, April 18, 2008

Pinky: "I would have been vindicated"

Disgraced City Councilman Dennis Gallagher, who leaves office Friday, says he would have been cleared of sexually assaulting a woman in his office if he had gone to trial.

"I still feel strongly that had this gone to trial, I would've been vindicated," said Gallagher, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sex charges last month.

A source close to the Middle Village Republican said he took the no-jail plea deal because he didn't have the money for a long legal battle.

Gallagher, 43, had already paid his lawyers $460,000 by the time he entered the guilty plea March 17 and wasn't able to come up with an estimated $430,000 for trial, the source said.

I would have beat sex rap, says Gallagher

Is that the line you're spinning, Pinky? Heh. Have a great retirement.

Then there's this: "Would-be candidates have 12 days from Bloomberg's announcement to collect 2,700 signatures."

Nope. They have 12 days to collect 986 signatures, which is 5% of the turnout for the last gubernatorial election. Read the Queens Chronicle for the correct info.

"...voters will return to the polls in the fall of 2009 to cast ballots for the seat's normal four-year election cycle."

Nope. BOE has informed me that the 2009 election is for a 2-year term and there will be another election in 2011. Has to do with redistricting. Read the Times Ledger for the correct info.

Consider this the Daily News' correction, because you know they won't print any. This is the Queens section.


Anonymous said...

After Pinky completes his court imposed alcohol detox program
he'll, most likely, wind up
falling off the wagon
in about a month I'd venture
to calculate.

Then left to his "own devices"
(which include a box of condoms
and a dozen donuts)
he will be prepared to fantasize
any future "conquests"
in the privacy of his twisted mind!

I'd lay off the Viagra
if I were him.

Anonymous said...

That raping bastard is still lying
through his yellow teeth!

If Pinky was so damn sure
he'd be vindicated,
he would have insisted on
going to trial!

Anonymous said...

Those money figures are completely exaggerated. An educated guess puts the legal tab at $300,000 to $350,000 tops. Brafman, Cutler, Tacopina, whoever, that's the going rate for a defense such as his with lawyers of that ilk. He took that plea because he feared all the other tawdry things that would have been exposed in open court.

Taxpayer said...

Why is the Daily News giving this lying, drunken, sexual pervert any opportunity to spew more of his hatred of the woman he "Forcibly touched"?

In court this disgusting elf agreed he was pleading guilty and could never appeal. Think Larry Craig of the Airport Bathroom fame. He plead guilty and now cannot appeal.

So, why isn't the other dwarf, DA Brown, charging this bald prick with a violation of the plea?

Shaddup, you midget pervert! Nobody wants to know anything you believe. Why wasn't your wife in court when you plead guilty? She knows the real truth about your raging, drunken brutality?

Anonymous said...

After nearly twenty years of being represented by first obnibene then gallagher we finally have improvement in our representation in the city council, which is NO REPRESENTATION. Not being represented at all is better than these two clowns who have allowed and encouraged negative developments in our community for years.

Does the Crapper have any endorsement for the upcoming special election for the city council seat?

Queens Crapper said...

Not yet. Although it definitely won't be any of the aforementioned.

Anonymous said...

When the Queens weeklies get the story right and the dailies don't, that's pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

Doln't worry, guys, some jerk will support Oogle-beenie and he can hire Pinky and you can start the 16 year cycle all over again.

Anonymous said...

what a waste of taxpayer money, to have three elections to this council seat over 18 months. the person elected in june should just serve out his term.

I am not Star Jones said...

Insightful and informative commentary on the Gallagher case.

I will be back.

CJ said...

Doln't worry, guys, some jerk will support Oogle-beenie and he can hire Pinky and you can start the 16year cycle all over again.

The year of the "Rat" has ended. The year of the "Snake" begins.

Anonymous said...

His sons a lil bitch