Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buildings chief in the dark on emergency sites


Six weeks after after bungling led to the collapse of an East Harlem tenement, the city is still unable to give locations of similar buildings it has deemed dangerous.

The building at 102 E. 124th St. collapsed on March 4, weeks after the city had slapped it with an "emergency declaration" requiring immediate repair.

Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster then promised a review of "every outstanding emergency declaration in the city."

As of Wednesday she could not provide the location of even one.

Department spokesman Kate Lindquist confirmed emergency declarations have been slapped on buildings throughout the city, but she couldn't provide even an approximate number.

No one was injured in the E. 124th St. collapse, but trains on nearby Metro-North tracks were shut down through rush hour for fear vibrations could affect neighboring buildings.

Afterward, Lancaster vowed that her department would "take appropriate measures - including disciplining anyone who did not do their job." Lindquist refused to say whether anyone has been or would be disciplined.

"The review of the outstanding emergency declarations is underway, and we will make the results of the review public in the next few weeks," she said.


Anonymous said...

Our primary emergency is replacing
Pat Lancaster ASAP.

NYC doesn't need a smug and clueless
"leader" of one of its most critically important departments.

And while we're at it....
an internal inspection and
flush out, if necessary, of the the whole DOB is long overdue!

faster340 said...

She's totally incompetent! Show her the door and get someone in there who can get the job done stop all this useless death and damage!

Anonymous said...

Call up your city council person. Tell them you are happy they are taking a postion on the war in Iraq. Tell them more New Yorkers are killed in construction accidents than the middle East, and you want a moritorium on construction. Write down their reactions.

Now call up your local newspaper.

Share their response with Crappie!

Taxpayer said...

It takes Lancaster 3 weeks to handle an emergency? That's 21 days of utter incompetence.

She wants more "discipline"? What? Now she announces she into dominance?

How's this for discipline, Lancaster? Whip your own Ho ass out of government. The Commissar will still pay you for your services. Has he ever failed to pay yet?

Taxpayer said...

Of course things are dark for Lancaster.

It's always dark when your head is up your ass.

Lancaster, you need a crainialrectumy.

Sue me. Call the cops, moron!