Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another council member faces questions

Bronx City Council member Maria Del Carmen Arroyo has a unique way to get taxpayer support for her family.

Last year she sponsored $82,500 in Council "discretionary funds" into a nonprofit that employed both her sister and nephew, the Daily News has learned.

Arroyo's sister, Iris, was "fiscal officer" for the South Bronx Community Corp., where a former employee accused her of incompetence that led to thousands of dollars of federal liens filed against the group.

Council member in funding flap

Bronx, Brooklyn...can't wait until the investigations make it to Queens!


Anonymous said...

If you want to know where to start the investigation in Queens,
I'd recommend looking up the ass
of the Queens Council On The Arts!

That should prove very lucrative!

Anonymous said...

Check out Marge Markey's
shady past!

Anonymous said...

Focus on Flushing.

That's where you'll catch the biggest city council rats
(and we're not talking about
the deep fried variety)!

Let "Johnny Law" lean on Liu!

Taxpayer said...

The only remaining question is: how thorough and honest is the US Attorney?

Does he have what it takes to climb into Commissar Bloomberg's records?

The fish rots from the head down. The Commissar gives off one rotten corrupt stench.

I want to see this dwarf Commissar frogwalked in handcuffs through the grounds of City Hall doing the perp walk in public. That might just wipe the smirk from his turtle face.

Taxpayer said...

I just read that Gallagher the sexual pervert (why is he not yet in jail?) sent $9000 to a fake "civic association" he formed to attack citizens in CD 30.

Where did the $9000 originate? Where is it now? What was the purpose given?

Was there more than that particular $9000 that was used by Gallagher to control people and organizations?

Who's investigating this pervert's access to tax money and how the money was dispensed and to whom in what amounts for what purposes?

Anonymous said...

It seems like the investigations have already begun here in Queens. Read the comments made in some of the stories on this site and others and you will see how Queens is next on the feds hit list. It seems that Lizzy cannot run an honest campaign and she is not even in office yet and she is already corrupting the system. HMMM why are the unions being muscled to help your campaign. Next on the cover story.
"Crowley crime family members busted for putting the squeeze on the unions."

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the Feds do better than our DA. - No plea bargains please. I'm still furious!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how Ogibene, Como and Crowley have all said "How sorry they are for Gallagher and his family" but not one "sorry" for the victim? That's also part of my fury - makes my stomach turn.

Taxpayer said...

In our hyper-short attention-span society, people tend to "analyze" events with a sports mentality.

Sports events are always reduced to a winner and a loser. If an athlete or team wins more than loses, the society honors the winner and says he or she is a hero.

Always a winner or a loser.

For very complex, long-traditioned reasons, the victim of a rape is viewed as a loser. Look at the punishment for rape victims in the Middle East. Pity the rape victim in that part of the world; one barbaric act is then followed by government and socially approved barbarism. Here, we are more civilized. The victim is frowned upon. By the police, prosecutors, judges, and even friends and relatives. Frequently, a marriage breaks under the strain because the husband cannot break the thinking pattern generally accepted.

When these candidates, Ognibene, Crowley, Como and others say they are sorry for Gallagher, they are really expressing disappointment that the "winner" is being mistreated and not honored. These people have accepted that the victim is a "loser", and nobody ever remembers who came in second in a sports event.

Winners are hero, losers are to be avoided.

So, the callous people who cannot think things through have short shrift for victims of rape.

Politicians like to associate with winners only. Associate with a loser and you lose. Life is simple. Especially for simple-minded people.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the largest civic association in Council District 30 is backing a corrupt former councilmember and has even hired him as their attorney. They had the chance to back someone with integrity, but chose a stinker. May they get exactly what's coming to them.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer - sorry to say all you said is sadly so true (but very well put).

Remember the saying "You've come a long way Baby". NOT TRUE.