Friday, April 13, 2007

Where's Jimmy?

Congratulations to Councilman James Sanders for being most likely to fail to show up for work:

Sanders Posts Worst Council Attendance

His constituents are not happy with him:

Laurelton demands rezoning

They are really getting the most out of their tax dollars!

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Taxpayer said...

It can be said that for every session that a council member misses, the constituents are truly getting their money's worth from that member.

Who would even notice if they all resigned in a snit?

Anonymous said...

Call John Liu's district office and you're told he's in the Manhattan office. Call his Manhattan office and you're told he's in a meeting. Apparantly NOT. Where is he? Is he still holding a job at Price Waterhouse?

He can miss his required meetings but he wouldn't miss a photo-op. Shame on you Johnny Liu!

Anonymous said...

and a big Congrats to Melinda Katz and Tony Avella on their Perfect attendance.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that CM Gallagher has a fairly decent 94% attendance rate.

1.Tony Avella Bayside 128 out of 128 100%

1.Melinda Katz Forest Hills 122 out of 122 100%

3.Helen Sears Jackson Heights 146 out of 150 97%

3.Peter Vallone Astoria 126 out of 130 97%

5.Dennis Gallagher Middle Village 111 out of 118 94%

6.Leroy Comrie St. Albans 153 out of 165 93%

6.David Weprin Hollis 113 out of 122 93%

6.Eric Gioia Sunnyside 103 out of 111 93%

9.James Gennaro Fresh Meadows 138 out of 156 88%

10.Joe Addabbo Howard Beach 116 out of 133 87%

11.Hiram Monserrate Corona 69 out of 81 85%

12.John Liu Flushing 140 out of 170 82%

13.Thomas White Jamaica 80 out of 101 79%

14.James Sanders Laurelton 38 out of 54 70%

Anonymous said...

Gallagher has a 94% attendance rate and has only signed on to 49 bills? What the hell does he do all day? What happened to his "not parking at the corner" bill?

Anonymous said...

Gallagher has been absent for some of the most important votes. So percentage attendance means nothing.

Eric G. said...

don't complain about dennis gallagher's 94% attendance record. we should all take up a collection to pay him to stay home. the council is much better off without him.

Anonymous said...

" Gallagher has been absent for some of the most important votes. So percentage attendance means nothing."- anonymous

So, you don't agree with the original post about Sanders either, right?

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the original post. I remember Quinn saying last summer that she was going to require that councilmembers provide a sick note or present a good reason for their absence. Perhaps Sanders had family issues this past year. If his constituents are unhappy with his performance, that's more indicative of his effectiveness. Same goes for Gallagher or anyone else. Katz had perfect attendance and a good portion of her constituents seem to hate her.

Anonymous said...

It is very hard to do your job effectively when you don't show up. If you do show up and only pass 49 bills in 6 years and brag about it, then perhaps you should apply some ice to your swollen head.

Anonymous said...

Until the City Charter is changed to require that being a City Council member is a full time job, nothing's going to change.

I'd like to have a full paying part time job where I can run another business on the side!

Doesn't John Liu have another house somewhere out of the city?

Doesn't he get 2 paychecks?

Or are they both mortgaged to the hilt to pay for his crooked father's legal defense re: Great Eastern Bank fraud case?

Hello Joseph Liu! How r ya doin" ?

Queens Crapper said...

Another story:

Yoo-hoo? Anyone seen our Council members?

Better late than never!