Friday, April 13, 2007

Bracing for new Kosciuszko Bridge

The rebuilding of the Kosciuszko Bridge may force the city to use eminent domain in a mostly industrial section of Maspeth:

Eminent Domain Seizures Loom Over West Maspeth

City details plan for Kosciuszko Bridge

Building Bridges Before Bridge-Building

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Joe said...

They been rebuilding -doing work on this bridge. I personally been stuck in traffic jams up there as late as 11PM as they closing lanes to do work.
This has been going on for years. Its still not fixed so now the city needs a new one ?

Sound like racketeering job security to me ! Certain people belong in Attica making new "friends" !!


Anonymous said...

How come eminent domain can't be used to create a park for the public good on the St. Saviour's site?

Ask "Pinky" Gallagher!