Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Fort Totten Historic District, part 3

This landmarked building is known as the bachelors' quarters. It is one of the older barracks buildings on the site. It stands in stark contrast to the beautifully restored officer's quarters right next door. Like the Willets farmhouse, it is in desperate need of restoration, but at least someone bothered to seal up the windows on this building.

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Anonymous said...

This is terrible. There is so much that could be done with these buildings and the city is just leaving them to rot. Yeah we need to spend millions on an ice skating rink...they should have used the money to fix these landmarks up and could have put the rink inside one of them instead.

Anonymous said...

Still silence in the newsapers?

Hey Crappy, pace this out every month or so we can revisit the actions (or lack thereof) from the well-funded local historical society, well-funded local community board and well-funded local polticians.

Anonymous said...

Hey....Geraldine Spinella (former executive director of the Bayside Historical Society) warmed her chair for years looking at the Willets farmhouse....slightly to the left of the Offficers' Club....where she "worked".

What did she do all those years besides draw a hefty salary?

Thank the Lord that BHS is under new aggressive leadership now!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, many of these buildings had reached the end of their useful life by the time of the BRAC decision in 1995. The Bachelor's Quarters is heavily infested with asbestos and the remediation effort would be extensive and costly.

I lived on the base from 1965 to 1977. More info can be found at