Friday, April 13, 2007

A 6 month process? Yeah, right!

This article appeared in Queens Times. The most interesting this is they say you can take time stamped photos and send them to DOB. So why do they always say they need to see the violations themselves?


Anonymous said...

Councilman Comrie is a good guy.

Taxpayer said...

Comrie probably is a good guy. But the chaos so visible at DOB is the result of the politicization of that agency - from the inside and the outside.

Send a time-stamped photo. No, we have to witness it ourselves. We'll be there right away. Somebody will contact you in two weeks.

Who is managing this agency? Certainly not Bloomberg! The chaos works for him.

Anonymous said...

If Comrie is a good guy why doesn't he do something about subprime mortages?

Or how people without access to power and financial resources are taken advantage of in this borough's downzone mania?

Why doesn't he ask for more 'affordable housing?'

Anonymous said...

Never give any politician "carte blanche" .....even Comrie!

When politicos are given halos....I'll excomunicate myself from the Catholic church!