Sunday, April 15, 2007

Times Ledger's controversial editorials

The Times Ledger takes some controversial positions on land use this week.

First, they support the idea of removal of current businesses in the Iron Triangle in favor of a "sprawling mixed-use development":

Painful change

"This should create new jobs and economic opportunity."

Destroying viable businesses in order to create new businesses. Makes sense.

In the meantime, they lament over the High cost of progress that business owners in Jamaica may pay.

"The GJDC must make certain that these small business owners are not steamrolled in the name of progress."

Finally, they tell the NYC Council to Get out of the way of Walmart's plan to set up shop in NYC:

"We see no reason why Wal-Mart or any store should be required to kiss the rings of the union bosses or the paternalistic City Council. If the Council wants to change the rules, it should do so for all businesses, not just stores selected by the Central Labor Council."



Tod said...

Who the hell is paying attention to the Whitestone Times editorials? For years they haven't made any sense so to waste even a minute more of my life reading that drivel is fruitless.

Please don't make me read the crap again, Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

Steve Blank probably made an additional fortune selling the Times Ledger to Ruppert Murdoch!

Don't expect this trashy rag to get any better!

Didn't Blank's first fortune come from (his dad's or his) the "Save Mart" appliance chain? Or am I wrong? Eh Steve!

georgetheatheist said...

Does anyone know WHERE the publishers of the community rags themselves live?