Sunday, April 15, 2007

Middle Village Crap Trap

This disgusting mess is a set of 3-family attached homes built at 67-10 to 67-22 73rd Place in Middle Village.
Violation records show that the original building on this site was demolished without a permit, a construction fence was not in place during excavation, proper permits were not posted for sidewalk closure and the company failed to provide approved plans at the time of inspection. After completion, the owner was slapped with a fine for allowing commercial vehicles to be parked in front of one of the buildings. Trash is piled up in front of this garage which means the space behind the door is probably being used for something other than its intended purpose.
The balconies are rusting, too. This entire block has become one big eyesore because of the appearance of these houses and the conditions in which their occupants and owners allow them to remain.


chen said...

this is a disgusting mess of crap! i prefer to live in tent! -chen

Anonymous said...

Three different subdivision applications in BIS? What gives??

Anonymous said...

How do these tenants 'vote'? Are they not among the tweeded?

So what can you about this? Complain to the community board? Complain to the local politicians?
They are as 'blind' to this blight as the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Drive by at night. Cars, vans, and on occasion a white truck are parked illegally in front of the entrance doors. Trash and litter in front of garages all the time. What an eyesore and what a shame. The owners should be held accountable. I think we all should make some phone calls.

Anonymous said...

This is the future of Queens.

Anonymous said...

And not a tree or bit of green grass in sight!

An overpriced penitentiary....that's what this is....a place for the wage slaves to hang their hats and sleep in.....while they prepare for another day to work off the hefty mortgage payments!

I'd rather live in Siberia!

Anonymous said...

This may be some kind of flop house. Too many cars are parked in the driveways and blocking the entrances. Maybe they rent out rooms instead of apartments. No one seems to care about the oil stains and garbage all over the properties. In the morning the cars leave by driving on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

"The owners should be held accountable"

Where are the polticians. Is something like this ok in their community without comment from them?

Oh sorry, those resident are the 'tweeded' so its ok. Anything they do is ok.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the blogger that says the owners should be held accountable. If they don't do something to fix this eyesore than our politicians should get involved. There have been numerous complaints to 311 and the community board. Obviously, nothing happened.
So I guess we get to look at this crap for a long time.
I will keep calling...I hope others join in. Satisfaction comes in numbers.

MFLORES said...

Nice to hear that the same neighbors that race up and down 73rd place to and from metropolitan ave., driving on the sidewalk in front of subways to avoid waiting less than a minute for the traffic light,and making such a neighborly place SO POLLUTED WITH THE NOISE OF honking horns that you cant even hear yourself think, the ones that hide behind anonymous comments and the most intelligent thing they can do is bad mouth hard working tenants who are not at fault when in fact if they cared so dearly as they would have us believe maybe just maybe THEY SHOULD PRACTICE GOOD NEIGHBORLY SKILLS AND PERSONALLY CONTACT THE OWNERS. I dont know... that maybe too easy or is it that that you dont care? or is it that you dont know how to contact the owner? One ANONYMOUS made claim of three different subdivision applications in BIS other ANONYMOUS COMMENTS claim to have called 311 well 311 can also give the information for all you living in this agony to find those landlords you seek its public information people here it The last ANONYMOUS has the right idea and I dont completely disagree this person is correct in saying that satisfaction comes in numbers, if people would just stand up and try to talk or write to these owners they may even get a hint and do something. You have to help yourself before anyone will help you
I am doing my part...PERSONALLY not complaining to 311 or some politician whose's caught up in his or her own well being or in some blog where cowards hide behind ANONYMOUS!