Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Now batting: # 7, Sunnyside Gardens

Historic Districts Council is battle-hardened and ready for today's landmarks hearing on Sunnyside Gardens:

If this designation does not pass due to the race-baiting gutter politics of its opponents, it may have terrible implications for future preservation efforts throughout the city.

And yet another naysayer:

Wants Landmark Debate

Photo from Curbed


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of race baiting and "hyphenated Americans"!

If you live in the United States and are a citizen.....then you're an AMERICAN.....period!

We're ALL entitled to THE SAME....no specialized privileges for any race, religion, or nationality!

Now buzz off ....you complainers!

Anonymous said...

Before the spin starts, let it be recorded that (according to my count and I was there the whole time taking notes) 61 people spoke in favor of landmarking, 25 spoke against and two just spoke (City Planning & Eric Gioia). This is actual speakers, many of the speakers represented several people, so counting that, the numbers are closer to 150 for vs. 30 against.

Thanks to all the Queens groups who came out for their colleagues - Greater Astoria Historical, Queens Civic Congress, Richmond Hill Historical, Rego/Forest Park as well as all the others; MAS, 4BNPA, MHSA, AIA New York & AIA Queens, RPA, the Radeburn Conservancy and everyone else.

Most importantly, major kudos to the Sunnyside PReservation Alliance and its members. It was a terrific showing for preservation. And thanks Crapper for helping spread the word.

Anonymous said...

This is a new first. The machine and its agenda was roundly booed off the stage.

The immigrants were equally divided, but the anti-landmark group looked strident.

The seniors were equally divided, but the anti-landmark group looked out of touch and misinformed.

The key point (and the community will not soon forget) is that the the machine and newspapers stirred up and divided the community with misleading information.

Even their polticial 'allies' double crossed the community through back pedeling and double talk once the machine came out against it. Their true natures were exposed (hello Team Goia)

This was not Salingrad, but the much ballyhooed machine was shown as hollow and out of touch.

That has never happened before.

Good work Sunnysiders. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Be rest assured that the machine will not make the same mistake again.

Now if I were them I would build up a ringer to make 'official' positions by the 'official preservation community' ...