Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Foreclosure disclosure

The Real Deal examines what's Behind Queens' high foreclosure rate

Of the city's 554 new first-quarter residential foreclosures recorded by real estate data site PropertyShark.com, 319 were in Queens, and the borough posted a 91 percent jump in foreclosures over the fourth quarter.

"Queens was hardest hit by foreclosures due to the prevalence of single-family residential properties," said PropertyShark CEO Ryan Slack.


Anonymous said...

How fortunate for the Queens County Dem Machine..... more properties taken in foreclosure for their friends to enjoy.

The Dems don't have to wait for innocent people to die in order to take their property and have it sold by the Queens Public Administrator. Now the Machine can rip them off while they're still alive.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the likes of Tommy Huang and company are scooping up these foreclosed properties quicker than spilled gold coins!

I wonder which politicians will be the "silent" partners in these deals!

What parcels are in the process of being assembled (prior to up-zoning) for mega-development?