Thursday, April 5, 2007

Landmarking not so sunny to them

The anti- landmarking people seem to have a really good PR machine:

Some don't see Sunnyside to rezoning

Area homeowners say they don't want to become custodians in their own homes...

Who takes care of a privately-owned home? Correct us if we're wrong, but isn't it the owner?

While the bickering continues, Landmarks Will Hear Case For Sunnyside.

LPC also grew a pair and kept a Douglaston couple's home designated against their wishes. The house was already landmarked when they bought it:

Historic Doug home to remain in district

City: House Can’t Opt Out Of Douglaston Hill District


Anonymous said...

It's the Meikeljohn & associates.....P.R. machine at work! (Gee, we haven't heard from "Charles Knipe" for a while! He must be on vacation)!

The "developers" (in the guise of concerned owners) have just got to crack the SSG landmarking move.

It's because the LPC's decision will proved to be a watershed preceedent for what happens in the rest of Queens regarding proposed future historic districts.

The "builders" are running scared of SSG becoming a historic district because it might mean the end of the gravy train for them!

Anonymous said...

The thing that really gets me angry is the politicians that favor landmarking, Nolan, Gioia, etc are revealing exactly whom they serve.

The are remaining quiet (or like Mr. Leadership, Gioia who wants to send out a questionnaire) while over the hill yoyos like Onorato come out against it.

The clubhouse (and their lapdog media) is to be blamed for this.

The rest of the preservation community should sit up and take notice. The echoes of this mess will go a lot further than a bunch of second stringers beating up on the peasants of Queens.

If the preservation community permits this to go unchallenged, and the Gardens do not get landmarked, there will be a real effort to overturn the landmarks law.

This is not an idle threat. It was bad enough that the preservation community was so self-absorbed with their local issues that they did not embark on a public education program decades ago, but their limp response to these over the hill hacks is inexcusable.

We are not going to forget, nor when we get done, will you.

Anonymous said...

Again, the majority of the home owners want landmark designation.

The politicians and the press are stirring up and dividing the community.

Things like this create a credibility gap with the clubhouse, no matter how high and mighty they think they are.

People do remember everything and forget nothing.

You are playing a risky game, boys, You may win this battle but you will lose the heart of the people.

Anonymous said...

Those jerks in the preservation community just don't get it. If they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory I doubt if they will learn anything.

"But I wrote the right letters and made the right phone calls...."

If this doesn't pass this is not the fault of the politicians and newspapers. We know what they are about.

This herring will be placed at the door of the inept preservationists.

Good god I hope I am wrong.

Jane said...

There are people who would do anything to have their neighborhood considered for landmarking. I don't understand these obstructionists.