Monday, April 16, 2007

Campaign for Community Based Planning

The Queens Chronicle reports that the Municipal Art Society has just recently started inviting neighborhoods from Queens to take part in their neighborhood planning program:

Grass-Roots Planning Effort Woos Queens

Is the Crapper being too hard on ol' MAS? Well, take a look at their historic preservation page and judge for yourself. See any mention of threatened Queens properties? Staten Island? The Bronx? So much for the "citywide" effort.

Photo from Municipal Art Society


Anonymous said...

Good for you Crappie.

How about a breakdown by borough on all their programming starting with the Sacred Sites?

Anonymous said...

The Municipal Ass Society? This venerable old group doesn't do a damn thing worthwhile past the other side of the East River!

Anonymous said...

I like their secret preservation group that meets on a regular basis.

All hail to the grey old men that decide the fate of nations!

Hey jerks, publicized your rants!