Friday, January 12, 2007

Where Queens' next influx of yuppies will come from

Do you think the announcement about the "innovative" new park planned for the South Street Seaport was timed to coincide with Time Out New York's cover story that downtown is where cool people will want to live in 2007? The cover of this week's magazine is printed on glossy paper probably financed by the ad filling up the entire back page for one of the apartment buildings featured inside.


verdi said...

Jack Nicholson said it perfectly when he played the character, "The Joker" in one of the "Batman" films: "What this town needs is a good enema!" Our politcal system is backed up. We have almost no real representation. Real estate interests run our city and our lives. And there seem to be only 3 options open for many of us: Get rich, move or die! Yet, if you love the smell of money (and vintage counting-house architecture) you have the opportunity to move into one of those newly converted residential palaces near Wall St. But first, you'll have to get rich to be able to afford to move there!

Anonymous said...

Queens should welcome the exiled Manhattan "yuppie." You want someone who values livable, walkable, clean neighborhoods and might bring along some amenities beyond yet another 99 cent store or cell phone shop? Money quote from the Daily News' story on the proposed bike path: "....Board member Barbara Stuchinski was particularly adamant about not supporting the study or going ahead with the project. 'The cost would be absolutely ridiculous,' Stuchinski said. 'Who's going to police it? Who's going to maintain it? Who's going to build it? That's taxpayer money. Nah-uh.'" Archie Bunker couldn't have said it better himself. Again, you get the borough you deserve.