Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update on Damaged Flushing Meadows Statue

The Parks Department took a hit last week when it was found that they uprighted a toppled statue commemorating heads of state who visited the 2 World's Fairs held at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park but left it standing with a decent sized chunk missing from it. This week, there is an update in the Daily News on the effort to fix the damage:

Parks Assoc. head sees monumental ineptitude

Of course, there is no answer as to when it will get done. It took Parks 100 days to get the monument to stand upright in the first place, so we can just imagine how long it will take to have the broken statue repaired.


Anonymous said...

The current Parks Commissioner is only good for "parking" his ass in his position! In fact he is an ass! He's the same one who is allowing the free-run of dogs, off the leash, in our public parks during certain hours! (Remember this the next time that an unleashed Pit Bull comes toward you or your child!) So, what do you think that our Parks Commissioner cares about a mere toppled monument? The answer is....not much! He's, in reality, what used to be known (condescendingly in the old days) as a "Parkie" (that roaming care-free kind of guy who speared stray leaves onto a spike tipped stick then put them into a sack)! In other words, this is a municipal employee who draws great benifits while doing little! Welcome to the world of municipal welfare! I'd like to have this kind of easy token- job as a reward for any favors that I might have done for the political Godfathers that run our city.

Anonymous said...

Its ok for Queens to have parks that are dumps (after all, who cares about a place full of immigrants and Archie Bunkers, right?) All the locals care about is welfare state programs that the machine throws at them for votes. As they do not appreciate nor have an interest in the finer things in life, its ok (from the silence of our politicians) that our taxes and municipal effort goes to beautify places like Central Park and Pospect Park where the 'betters' live.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Queens, filled with vassals awaiting to be told when to line up and cheer the latest minor potentate as they drive by. Perhaps the Dutchess of Rodham will designate that location as the future site for the Queen Catherine statue. Who needs untidy real history when you can invent your own to reflect your political agenda!!