Monday, January 15, 2007

Queens Left Out

Today's AM-NY cover story is about the Affordable Housing Plan That Leaves Queens Out.

They are inviting readers to post comments on their website about this article.


verdi said...

Queens isn't going to see any "affordable housing" being built, anyway, except for those who can "afford" to pay $800,000 and up for a dwelling! Our borough is slated to be developed to the maximum allowable density that's permissable under the law! Maybe that's not really a bad thing! If we get Manhattanized enough the city council might decide to pay more attention to our needs since we'll now have a big-sister status!

Anonymous said...

No, every time I see the word 'affordable housing' I know they are trying to garner support for development from the middle class. We all know that 'affordable housing' creates 'onerous taxes' to support the additional population - taxes that more than swamp any few dollar gain in 'affordability'.

If they really care about 'affordable housing' then make 'housing affordable' by lowering taxes and bringing in good paying jobs. You can help everyone by lowering taxes. How many 100s of units do you build if they are 'affordable' (whatever the hell that means.)

So all this head over 'affordable housing' is just another excuse for the rest of the boro to go 'Dutch Kills' or 'Queensboro Hill.'

Anonymous said...

That's true. Soon the middle class will all be taxed out of their homes . Maybe that's the idea they've got in mind. Then the wealthy can take them over! You've got something there, "anonymous"!

Anonymous said...

"Queens Congregations United for Action"

Who is this group? Another "East River Development Alliance" that got startup funds, I believe, by politicians and banks?

Lets take a closer look at these guys and their agenda. I bet they get invited to all those planning meetings to put a public face on all those development projects!

Anonymous said...

I see they are related to Pratt:

Hey, if they are so interested in 'affordable housing' are they going to take onthe Suna Brothers (called politely 'Silvercup' in the press) waterfront development that excludes the 'affordable' units?

Lets see if they stand up to the developers!

Anonymous said...

Well said. There is little doubt that the Silvercup project will not only exclude poorer people and people of color, but it will throw the thousands of people in the Queensbridge Houses in a permanent shadow.

Lets see if this group shows their colors. Lets see what they will do on those points!!

Anyone guess, nothing?

verdi said...

Eventually the "Queensbridge Houses" will be sold (like Stuyvesant Town was in Manhattan) and marketed as luxury condos with a river view. They would never build 'housing projcts" like these today along the East River for the poorer folks. Those kind of breathtaking NYC skyline vistas are reserved only for the wealthy!