Friday, January 12, 2007

Rockrose's Rocky History

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Here's an interesting article about a guy fighting to stay in an old building in lower Manhattan:

Tenant holds out in 1830s building as sexy projects go on around him

"In 2006, the demolition of 215 Pearl St. next door began causing problems for the historic structure and its residents. On Aug. 29, 2006, the Rockrose project was issued a violation for unsafe demolition and on Oct. 13, residents discovered the five-story crack in 213’s fa├žade."

Rockrose? Where has QC heard that name before? Hmmm...oh yes! That's right, they are building Queens West. Is that really the type of developer that should be chosen to handle such a massive project considering the type of work that do?

Well just for shits and giggles, let's see which Queens reps they like to give money to:

Rockrose Campaign Contributions

Now there's a shock!


Anonymous said...

So, Rockrose dropped some money into Katz's campaign kitty. Why are we not surprised. She is, after all, chair of the City Council Land Use (abuse) Committee! Gee, when it comes time for her to serve, who do you think it will be...... a developer or her constituents? That's an easy one!

Anonymous said...

What Katz does for developers is not to serve them but rather to "service" them! While Bloomberg "serves" as her pimp!

Anonymous said...

Now, now, guys, lets keep everything above the table and our hands where everyone can see them. We have enough ammunition without resorting to nasty comments.

Remember that news report one morning that linked Hevesi romantically with Katz when he was in all that trouble?

We don't do those things here.

Anonymous said...

What about Gioia here? I know the contributions aren't extremely high, but hmmm....where does Gioia live?...Queens West. Only wants to improve his own area at the behest of the rest of us who can't afford $2500 one bedrooms. Also, good way to increase the value of his own home in CityLights.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if some reporter contacted the local pols, community board, etc that so lauds Rockrose to Queens residents for comment....

.... and perhap broach the issue that something like this (an MO, once set up, is almost always repeated) may be possible here?

Anonymous said...

Remember Shakespeare's , "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet"? How about an update: "A Rockrose by any other name would still be a stink-weed"? Oh, I know it ain't as good as the "Bard's"!

Anonymous said...

I recently recieved, contained within a package of advertisements (the kind that are dropped on your doorstep) a flier that read: "WE BUY HOUSES, LAND & ALL TYPES OF BUILDINGS". It went on to say......"Immediate closings....get top obligation......inquiries kept confidential...." No address was included, just a name. and 2 phone numbers. "Call.... CITY WIDE/JAJ". (718) 296-1110 & (516) 747-9200. A reverse phone directory trace of the last number indicated a possible connection to ROCKROSE, Garden City L.I. along with other various companies. ??????? Does anybody out there want to look any further into this? Have you recieved this "City Wide/JAJ Properties" flyer in your neighborhood. A nasty form of blockbusting!