Sunday, January 7, 2007

Revolting R-4 Residence

This property at 68-10 58th Avenue in Maspeth used to be a welding yard. Next to it on the same lot was a small two-story building containing an office with an apartment above it.

As you can see in this drawing, the "addition" actually drapes over the old structure and fills up the entire former yard space. The plan calls for 9 total units on the property; previously there was one residential unit.

Hmmm...what was built so far doesn't match the drawing. The Juniper Park Civic Association had complained about this building since May; it wasn't physically inspected by DOB until December.

It was finally shut down for building contrary to approved plans and then socked again for violating the stop work order. Let's see what loophole the developer uses to legalize this fine example of Queens Crap. Will keep you posted.


verdi said...

Last X-mas I gave my wife a rudimentary "architectural design" computer program (on sale at Staples for $10.) She came up with a better designed building on her first try! So this one was built over a former "welding yard"! My brother-in-law used to have a small welding business in Greenpoint. I can't begin to tell you about the toxic and environmental hazzards of this building site! By the way, is this being promoted as "luxury" housing? Sadly speaking, "Casa-Carcinogen" would be a good name for this development!

Anonymous said...

I understand your pain. You should see what they're doing to Bellerose, Queens. We are on the Nassau border and I guess we don't count. They are tearing lovely small homes down and building McMansions that are a horror. You can't go down any street w/o something being built up, out, up and down. Most of these so-called homes are two family...we are all 1 fam. homes and are hurting for parking as it is. A two family home now being built on my street (once a small bungalow) doesn't even have a driveway. We are at a loss.