Thursday, January 4, 2007

More on the fatal Bx construction accident

From today's Daily News: 30-foot fall kills hardhat at Bronx site

If this was a union member, there would be angry protests and probably even an arrest or two. But the victim was an immigrant, so the city considers him expendable.


Anonymous said...

This exposes once again the harsh reality that the powers-that-be favor immigrants simply because they are a convienent group open to easy exploitation.

Now lets see city council, perhaps someone from Queens, introduce leglislation to stop this abuse.

Anonymous said...

I was recently told that 90% of all problems regarding illegal building practices, that result in dangerous job sites, come out of the "self- certification" process. This allows an architect to approve his own plans. He can also approve the plans of others, for a fee. There used to be "plans examiners" at the Buildings Dept. that used to look over each blueprint before he passed on the issuance of a building permit to an applicant. That's all been chucked because it would slow down the stream of approval needed for the rash of new buildings going up at lightning speed. (The City makes a fortune issuing these permits). Now we have to "trust" the wolves (or the architect in this case) to watch over the chicken coop. The results are evident!