Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Manhattan vs. Queens: Compare and Contrast

Difference between Manhattan and Queens landmarking struggles:

In Manhattan, a shrewd councilperson successfully convinces the mayor to block residential development, and have his LPC commissioners designate a building in order to save what is considered a culturally significant structure. The elected officials on city, state and national levels unite in opposition to the developer. The NY Times covers the drama for months:

In East Village, No End Is Seen in War Over a Building

In Queens, the councilpersons sell out to the real estate industry, the mayor couldn't care less about the wishes of people who live in the borough (it's more important to pack more of them in), after having a good chuckle, LPC immediately tosses designation applications in their circular file and the local papers write about how great all the new development will be. Elected officials on all levels say there is "nothing they can do." The NY Times doesn't give a damn, either.


Anonymous said...

Hey, doesn't landmarking come up before the city council?

That means that to get designation, Queens councilmen/women vote for landmarking districts in the other boroughs..

Why do they believe it is ok for Manhattan people to have this, as they bad mouth the same thing to Queens?

They should have one standard.

They should tell the Manhattan people that they are not voting for landmarking. They should give them the same excuses they tell Queens people.

Maybe a local newspaper will write something about this gap between their actions (in Manhattan) and their words (in Queens).

Maybe I will hit the lottery, too.

Anonymous said...

The contrast is striking. All this fighting and wasted money over how to USE an already landmarked building.

Can't even get that far in Queens, can we? Can't even get our councilpersons to PRETEND to give a crap about landmarking or even give lipservice to the idea. They take a stand agasint those who would dare get in the way of profitable development, and they're proud of it.

Is there any kind of recall provision for elected city officials? Term limits are not enough. It is time to send the elected a$$holes packing.

Anonymous said...

Again, the problem is the bias in the media.

Anything you try is going to be belittled.

Anonymous said...

With all the "legal-dust" still flying: Hevesi resigns, rather than face jail-time! (Hey, some of you "stupid Queens voters" obviously, helped put him back in office, after he stole from the "financial cookie jar" he was supposed to be guarding ). Then Mc Laughlin gets caught stealing from his brother union members and the kids' little league baseball team! Melinda Katz is still "in cahoots" with most of NYC's top developers! What the Hell do you expect? This is, perhaps, the most corrupt borough in Greater New York because it's a cash-generating "builders' borough" (the "Wild West" when it comes to overdevelopment) and everybody kisses developers' butts here. How can you expect most of our elected officials to support protecting the quality of life in your neighborhood? You'll only get lip service from the likes of these! Next time you cast your ballot, learn to spot "the bad ones". Read between the lines of their "campaign promises". Then, cast them out! As far as Landmarking goes....well, that's only for the "privilaged" neighborhoods... where a lot of these politicos live! Don't hold your breath and wait for this to happen on a large scale in Queens!

Anonymous said...

Don't slam the Queens voters. They do not have access to complete information. Everything they read is slanted.

Even now, after he is a convicted felon, Hevesi's fellow pols sound like (with their aw shucks, wink wink, nod nod) post mortem of his career like members of the Bergen Hunt club talking about the mob.

Its simple.

They just don't think what he did was bad.

Of course, the press simply reports their spin without comment (or even the slightest degree of embarrassment.)

I guess they agree.

Anonymous said...

If it sounds like I've "slammed" Queens voters, it was merely my intention to wake some of them up! Think of it as a splash of cold water in the face of those who are still asleep in a burning building! I've also made mistakes in the voting booth while attempting to choose qualified candidates for public office. It ain't easy! The newspapers are often the last place to find out the truth about a politician. (Some are supported or started up by future candidates, before they actually run for office. For example, it was Congressman Gary Ackerman who, I believe, co- founded the "Queens Tribune"). We've all got to learn to dig deeper when we investigate our political choices....as carefully as we might examine financial plans for retirement!