Saturday, January 13, 2007

Great minds think alike!

Bravo to the South Park Slope Community Group for their website chronicling Brooklyn Crap.

They seem to have a problem with developer Isaac Katan. Two featured projects self-certified by his architects have gotten revoked. Let's see who he contributes to: Katan

We'll feature Scarano in a future post.

Keep up the great work, Slopers!


Anonymous said...

Why is a Brooklyn developer only giving to Queens councilpersons? Will he invade here next?

verdi said...

To soften things up in case he plans to build here, of course!

Anonymous said...

Melinda Katz is always in the center of the hub. Is she the bag-man (excuse me) woman for the real estate boys?

Anonymous said...

Guys! Guys! Didn't someone get into trouble calling someone a bag-man a few years ago? Lets stay on target with our comments. There is enough out there without name calling.

I know, I know, with her you want to use the word bag-man, but this is not the place for that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

No one accused her! We just asked a question!