Thursday, January 11, 2007

Development-Related Arson

While the Crapper was busy preparing for the extended New Year's weekend, another blog called The Daily Gotham was busy reporting on a suspected link between overdevelopment and a spike in suspicious fires in central Brooklyn. It works like this: Developers want certain people out, so they can rebuild bigger and then usher in the new wave of "better" people who will transform the neighborhood. So they light suspicious fires to force current residents to flee and then sell. What helps them tremendously is when the mayor decides to close the local firehouse and turn even that into condos. See, that's how you revitalize "blighted" areas in NYC. Sure, a few people will die, but we can't let that get in the way of "progress." God bless America! (Make sure to read the "somewhat infamous article" linked on the page, too.)


verdi said...
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Anonymous said...

Ya got something there! A "fire cleared building lot" is easier to" develop".

verdi said...

If the emperor Nero could get away with burning Rome, then Mayor Bloomberg, at least, should be able to get away with closing some firehouses! This way New York can burn more efficiently!

Anonymous said...

Hey, tell that to the morons in Dutch Kills: they want to bulldoze their neighborhood for more housing ... after a firehouse closed. Got all the politicians to show up for every event and one even donated money so they could go out the the Hamptons on a wine tasting junket.

Good dog! Good dog! Here's your treat!

I guess you and I will pay for the damage, right?