Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Catching them in the act

Today on Curbed is a story of an activist group in Brooklyn, Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, who videotapes illegal construction in their neighborhood, posts it on YouTube and then links it on their site. This should get the attention of the city agencies that are asleep at the wheel:

Destructoporn: Caught in the (Illegal) Act in BK

The Internet is where it's at. No real estate interests or political ads shaping content. This is a great idea for the people in Queens who are sick of the building crap that goes on and is ignored in their neighborhoods.

Send me your clips and I will post them here and send a link to every city council person, agency head and the mayor.


Anonymous said...

Often the best view of a construction site is from a neighbor's window or yard, like this video. What we need to do is recruit neighbors near each site to be watchdogs, now that there's a central place to document the developers' abuses of the law and the people.

ccgh said...

Thanks for the props QC.

Anon, you are correct and it is how our group and the South Park Slope Community Group has been documenting (photos and video) all the illegal activity in the area.

More to come...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is just some kind of weird coincidence, but has anyone else noticed that the demolition contractor's address is 79-41 Metropolitan Ave, just a few feet away from Councilman Gallagher's office at 78-25 Metropolitan?

Anonymous said...

The folks in Brooklyn are 10 years ahead of Queens.

This blog cuts down that time by half.

Go Queens Crap!!!

Anonymous said...

I suggested that a team , maybe called "Video Vigilence" keep a record of all LPC heaings, developers' shenanigans, Community Board meetings etc. in Queens well over 15 years ago! Duh! C'mon you "farmers" put down your hoes! No wonder they've been paving over your borough for the past decade! We've all got to work for what we want! I've done more than my personal share! How about you?