Monday, April 1, 2024

More invasion of the house squatters


Daily Mail

These are the latest victims of New York's 'insane' housing laws that have given way to a wave of absurd squatting incidents where homeowners find themselves forced to go to court to kick out brazen would-be tenants. 

Denis and Juliya are a married couple who invested $530,000 in a property in Jamaica, Queens, several years ago. 

On March 5, a broker they were working with visited the property for a site check before allowing tenants to move in and found the locks had been changed. 

Inside the property was Lance Hunt Jr. and Rondie L. Francis, who had set up mattresses, a flat screen TV and a massage table. The men claimed to have legally leased the property months earlier and refused to leave. 

Now, the homeowners are locked in a legal battle with the pair after the alleged squatters hired an attorney to sue them. 

An emergency lockout hearing was held on Friday March 22 at Queens County Civil Court after the squatters' attorney, Dennis Harris served the couple, the realtor and the real estate company. 

During the 1pm hearing, Rizpah Morrow, who is representing the homeowners asked Judge Vijay M. Kitson for a trial on the grounds that the two men acted in an unlawful manner.

'They perpetrated a fraud,' Morrow told the judge.

The judge told her that she is entitled to a trial, and said 'let them come to court and testify.'

But when the judge asked their attorney where his clients were, Harris told the judge one of them 'had to go to work.'

At this point Ejona Bardhi, the real estate broker with Top Nest Properties, who was also representing the homeowners in court, intervened and told the judge, 'he left because he did not want to get arrested.' 

Denis and Juliya asked the judge if their new tenants could move in before the next court date. The judge agreed but warned them it may complicate the case. The next court date is April 5. 

After the hearing was adjourned and the chambers doors were closed, Lance Hunt, Sr., the father of the second alleged squatter Lance Hunt, Jr., who told his name was Michael, walked into the court house. 

He tried to enter the judge's chambers but the court officers told him the session had ended for the day. 

Denis told he is outraged by what is taking place. He said that he and his wife had to take off a day of work and spend $4,000 on an attorney fees.

'I'm being sued for illegal lock out, and for damages. They uploaded fake documents and they have an attorney and notary that are working with them to scam innocent homeowners in Queens,' he said.

'They are targeting empty homes especially the ones listed on the market and the home owners are not protected. 

'I intend to pursue them criminally as well as start a class action lawsuit against the city for failing to protect us.' 

He added: 'This has to be stopped.'

Denis on the phone waiting for the court hearing to start as Rondie L. Francis, one of the alleged squatters, stands behind him 

Bardhi said she first noticed that one of the locks had been changed on the doors on March 1. At first she assumed it may have been done by the former management company, until they told her they did not touch the locks,

When Bardhi went back to the property on March 4, she noticed the other set of door locks had also been changed, and then saw a dark figure in the window.

'I saw a man wearing a black hoodie holding a drill in his hand,' Bardhi recalled.

Alarmed she called police and the homeowners and waited in her car for officers to arrive. While she waited, she noticed more men emerge. She said they started circling her car that was parked in front of the Lakewood Avenue property.

‘They were trying to intimidate me,' she said. 'It was bizarre.'

When police arrived the men told them it was their property and they had been living there since January. Bardhi disputed their claims and said she was just at the home a day prior with a housing inspector.

When officers asked the men for proof of residency, they did not have anything to show, but told the cops they were YouTubers, and left peacefully.

Once they were out, Bardhi and the homeowners were going to place new locks on the door, but the officers told them if they do they will get arrested. 

Upon learning that Bardhi and the homeowners said they were 'enraged' 

She told 'The police tells us that they have rights that was the ridiculous part.'



Anonymous said...

Just look at what DeSantis did in Florida. No more rights for squatters. DeSantis is the only governor who looks at stupid progressive policies right in the eye and says not in my state. Would have made a good president.

Anonymous said...

I believe Lance Hunt is a deadbeat dad too...

Anonymous said...

I’d feel bad for some small time owner. No sympathy for corporate monopolies gobbling up all available housing.

Anonymous said...

Michael Lebron said...

The Best Conspiracy Theories Today That Are True !

Anonymous said...

NYP said...
"Wake up, America. The Democrats DO NOT care about you. You are being USED for votes. If you want lower inflation, lower bills, lower gasoline prices, more safety on the streets, no more DEI brainwashing, and to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into our country, vote for Trump. He can have any personality he wants, as long as he brings this country back to prosperity, security, and greatness. To feel free again to express opinions, peacefully demonstrate, and be PROUD to be an American would be refreshing. No more rhetoric, gaslighting, guilt trips or weaponization against hardworking Americans. Bring this great country back to what it used to be and watch people from ALL backgrounds thrive."

Anonymous said...

All the decent people are leaving in droves.

Anonymous said...

I'm moving into one of those many empty apartments in Trump Tower.
He can have it back after he gets out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Three Illegals Sue Over the Marthas Vineyard
What constitutional rights? How do illegals have constitutional rights?
I predict a very large settlement in their future. Lol. Call me psychic.

Anonymous said...

Every time a conspiracy gets proven true, an Alex Jones gets it's wings .

Anonymous said...

The media is making a lot excuses for these criminals to commit crimes.

Anonymous said...

The Sheeple need to wake up and realize that Heastie and Cousins are clowns and need to be voted out of office asap.

Anonymous said...

Sheeple "You will own nothing, and you will be happy" !

Anonymous said...

It's time for people to accept the fact that NY is a Democrat city/state and move on. Things aren't going to change no matter how much people go through. It's something that the majority of New Yorkers just can't stop doing. Voting Democrat. I only have sympathy for the people who didn't vote for these people. The rest, oh well.

Anonymous said...

Facts are like a hot potato for CNN loving Dems...

Anonymous said...

The Border is wide open !

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the bureaucracy, comrades!

Anonymous said...

New York City government brought this on themselves. Thank you low information voters.

Anonymous said...

Vote better New York.

Anonymous said...

NYC voters have got the STUPID real bad. They vote for a particular candidate based on headline hype from leftist "news" sources, often without even reading the highly biased article. They vote for a particular candidate based on their skin color, regardless of the candidate's character or past behavior. They vote for a particular candidate because they have always voted democratic and haven't noticed that the democrat party has morphed into the communist party USA. Or they vote for a particular candidate because they don't like the other one's tweets. NONE of these are good enough reasons to vote for someone and they have had the predictable consequences of turning NYC into a giant ghetto cesspool infested by crime and illegals, ridiculous prices and high taxes.

I saw this coming 4 years ago and moved to a beautiful green suburb in another state. Seems I wasn't alone, according to this and other articles. And after all the decent tax-paying citizens have fled NYC and left it to the rats and pigeons, I guess there will be a downturn in the Uhaul and moving businesses and a horrific drop in the tax base. Keep voting for democrats and RINOs, folks. Make the commies' dreams come true.

Disgruntled Citizen said...

Why was the property left empty? Landlords of two and three story homes are notorious for not doing repairs, shutting off heat, turning off water, killing pets, stealing mail and harassing tenants. I'm not crying for any landlord