Thursday, November 19, 2020

Public housing condos and affordable luxury studios now available for lottery applications



 The affordable housing lottery is now open for 45-57 Davis Street, a nine-story mixed-use development in Long Island City, Queens. Designed by J Frankl/Charles Mallea and developed by Solomon Feder of Velocity Framers USA, the 145,000-square-foot will yield a total 158 units in a mix of studios and one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. Available on NYC Housing Connect are 48 apartments for residents at 130 percent of the area median income, ranging in eligible income from $73,920 to $183,300.

 At 130 percent of the AMI, there are 12 affordable studios with a $2,156 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $73,920 to $118,300; 23 one-bedrooms with a $2,245 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $76,972 to $133,120; 12 two-bedrooms with a $2,710 monthly rent for incomes ranging from $92,915 to $159,640, and one three-bedrooms with a $3,122 monthly rent for income ranging from $107,040 to $183,300.

 The YIMBY stenographer forgot to mention that the lucky gentrifier, I mean tenant is responsible for paying the electric bill to go along with the "affordable" rent.


Ned said...

The word "Lottery" is a shill to pretend its legit.
You need to know somebody or have a high up relative who works for the city to get one of those "affordable" units. Its like trying to get into the Park Dept or IATSE union.
Meaning 99.99% impossible, maybe even higher if that's even possible
Who the hell wants to live in a shit tower anyway, share an elevator with a brat mom, screaming baby in a stroller plus 4 stinky spoiled brat kids pushing every floor button.
OH BOY talk about being trapped in misery!!
Now add the local shacks charge $28 for a Hamburger, over $6 for morning coffee and doughnut called a Frappa'Latte & CinnaBun or some shit. Now add some union doorman with his hand out every time you enter/exit already earning $175,000k a year.
What these racketeer city democrats have done to this city is a dam shame


Anonymous said...

Sorry $2100 plus a month for a studio is not affordable. Is a scam.

The building looks ugly, they could pay me $10,000 a month and wouldn't be interested.

Belongs in China, Cuba or Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

" The YIMBY stenographer forgot to mention that the lucky gentrifier, I mean tenant is responsible for paying the electric bill...."
Who pays for heat? is the heating electric?

Anonymous said...

tenant is responsible for paying the electric bill...."
A $70 or so electric bill is nothing, there are hidden maintenance fees for trash, lawn, flower planters, lobby, changing lightbulbs, mopping, window cleaning also.
These buildings are infested with over a dozen different union racket's, one reason these $2,100 rents are actually over $3000 when you add up all the fees & surcharges.
Why does a building need at lease one union electrician and one union building mechanic on duty 24-7 to change light bulbs or pour out a mop bucket?
That's 48X$125hr every day do the math !!
These union racketeers gotta go !!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I moved out of New York shitty. I own a house now in suffolk and pay less than that in mortgage. Good luck fellow new Yorkers!

Anonymous said...

Who makes this stuff up? If I was making over 70 k a year I would not choose to live in LIC or NYC

I don’t make close to half of that so no “affordable” for me. No wonder there’s so many homeless on the streets.

Joe said...

I own a house now in suffolk and pay less than that in mortgage.

Yes, and you will soon be surrounded by MS-13 and every other piece of shit on the planet +$20,000 school, town, fire, municipality & police taxes to pay for them all.
Illegal immigration and democrats destroyed Suffolk county worse then Queens.
Take a walk in Greenport or any Suffolk County Main street or LIRR station at night these days. You need pack a gun, taser and flack vest.
Why are these people bailing to that sinking ship called Long Island I have no idea. I had to dump a nice house in Manhasset due to now $30,000 taxes, Asian & Democrat destruction of the whole town.
The Asians buy with cash, put 20 kids from China in each house, claim them as family to use the Manhasset Schools busting at the seams. 50 ESL teachers. The democrats refuse to do checks, verification's NOTHING but raise taxes and rubber stamp demolition permits for Asians & Iranians!!
Also: Summer home in Mattituck dumped for $375K due to all the dam Democrats, squatters, homeless, prostitutes, Drugs, Illegals & MS-13 that have destroyed Riverhead, Southold and most of Suffolk.

That grass isn't any greener, its actually worse !!
Don't have a heart attack or emergency in Suffolk, you will die because the average EMS response and trip takes min 40 minutes to over an hour. Same shit to get a hot coffee & roll in the morning. You gotta drive on roads with drunken Hicks, Mexicans & Guatemalans all driving huge heavy extended cab pickups with no licenses or insurance down the center of the center of the roadbed to do anything ---F_ THAT !!!
(DWI roadside fatality's in Suffolk went up 600% since Obama)
People in Queens don't know how good they have it, I know it has its problems but F_ Long Island or any place out in the country where you gotta drive to do anything. Pure hell in winter.


Anonymous said...

Once again we all know the BS with the word 'affordable' well that is except with our elected officials who glibly state the term without the least bit of irony.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. Well said. True.

Anonymous said...

I like how Joe trashes all of Long Island by talking about one upper middle class town in Northwestern Nassau and some random villages out in Suffolk. There are plenty of other places that destroy Queens in quality of life and taxes. Don't forget about the city income tax that fools many city dwellers into thinking they are winning on the property tax game, when they end up paying more in local taxes overall.

Joe said...

"Don't forget about the city income tax""

What the f_ do I care I'm retired, I just need to do handyman odds & ends for spending cash.

"upper middle class town in Northwestern Nassau'

Hey, I had boots on the ground in that disaster township buddy
Your talking about Manhasset.
When was last time you drove down Plandome road, It looks like a friggan war zone.
Storefront's: For Fent, For Rent, For Rent, For Rent, all the scaffolding from construction and street closing destroyed all the old mom & pops.
The democrats culled the Christmas tree and the 400 year old oak in fron of Town Hall and erected a huge ugly industrial looking sign, it reads "Are you racist" "NOT IN OUT TOWN" "We support diversity and tolerance".
(in other words, new sheriff's are in town and if you don't like our progressive agenda get the F out)

All the nice ranch & cape homes have huge cancers on them or are in the process of being bulldozed, the debris from all the trucks litters the streets, you get nails in your tires. The streets are all busted up.
Gatsby mansion & property plowed to the property line and replaced with 9 big boxes.
Now they are also putting in town sewers for large mixed use building and taxes for that.
Here is what started the disaster:
First Great Neck built a section 8 tower and filled it with 500 black family's to get government funding. This resulted in a huge demographic swing in democrat votes unseating all the Town of North Hempstead Republicans.
N Shore LIJ Hospital (big money) then started importing hordes of special visa people from China, India, Russia and Iran and needed space to house them all. The Jewish in Great Neck sold everybody out to builders and the Greeks and deceased peoples children in Manhasset sold to Asian developers and Asian churches. The Asians are now destroying Manhasset & Port Washington are the biggest problem. They venture to make rent $$$ wile getting children and get also paid from parents in China. The old "The children's parents are away working overseas we are aunts and uncles"
Result school district busting at the seams, kids annexed in trailers and commercial property. More multi million $$$ bussing contracts & traffic to move them.
Don't go by home prices on Zillo because its a joke. Very few sellers are getting 1 million+ for 1 family ranch homes in Manhasset now. When my father died from Corona virus I sold the house and had a hard time getting my price because I did not want to fuck my neighbors selling to Asians or Iranians (like the old Jewish people in Great Neck did, the Greeks in Manhasset included)
All it takes is 1 home on a street to ruin it.
Thats the truth and the only way to describe what happened to a once nice small Norman Rockwell type town in under 500 words
I don't care if you don't like my words, its the only way to correctly illustrate what happened.


Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anon

LI has its problems, but it is way better than Queens. The problem with LI is it’s attached to NYC