Friday, June 8, 2018

Ozone Park getting f*cked with a shelter for mentally ill homeless men

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Department of Homeless Services will be opening a shelter in Ozone Park this coming winter as part of Mayor de Blasio’s “Turning the Tide on Homelessness on New York City” program.

In an email obtained by the Queens Chronicle, Amanda Nasar of the DHS outlined details of the shelter.

“DHS notified the electeds and [Community Board] ... that we’re opening a new shelter at 85-15 101st Avenue, Ozone Park, for 113 single adult males with mental illness,” said Nasar. “We anticipate this shelter opening in late winter.”

The site for the shelter is the location of the former Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.

De Blasio’s plan includes creating around 90 new homeless shelters and renovating and expanding 30 existing shelters to combat the closing down of more than 350 “cluster sites.”


JQ LLC said...

That's it. Ozone Park will be a ghetto. No vibrancy, beer halls, pretentious cafes, pop up artisan eateries to launder foreign money and shiny towers for this town. This will blend in nicely with the two homeless hotels right next to each other just a few avenues south by JHS 202 and the former Gem Park.

What these mentally ill homeless men need is a hospital to get the treatment they need, instead of having them wandering around the neighborhood loitering and yelling, not even aware of where they are. Which will be exacerbated by the inevitable presence of K-2 being sold in nearby bodegas run by unscrupulous store owners and even desperate store owners trying to keep a business.

It seems the city is announcing this in an attempt to convey transparency(for once)and opening this during the winter so no one would notice. But going by the recent expose on the shady security contractors these shelters use, the bitter cold is not going to deter them from going back on the streets and sleeping on the subway.

Mostly, if these mentally ill men don't truly get the help they need inside these shelters, a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt or killed.

This is not intolerance towards the less fortunate and indigent, it's just an awful fact. And this mayor doesn't give a goddamn fuck. He seems desensitized to this crisis he, his buddy Banks and his fucking donor owners in REBNY exacerbated.

Addabo, Ulrich and Ariola better get more proactive and aggressive with this or they are gone.

Anonymous said...

This is not good. Want to see a borderline neighborhood go over the brink? Is anyone fighting this? Will they all end up hanging out at McDonalds over there? Shame on City Hall!

Anonymous said...

Ulrich and Ariola, ha! The grand old GOP and the Graci Rep Club ran that bldg.

Anonymous said...

The city is doing it so its on the Councilman to step up and actually do something.

Anonymous said...

There are certain nabes in the city that are designated dumping grounds for prisons, junk yards, rehab centers, shelters, overdevelopment. Ozone Park has become one of them. Them's the dirty facts. You'd never see this shit in northeast Queens. Hmmmmm!

JQ LLC said...

you know what needs to be done, reopening the neponsit medical center, but it appears it's being utilized for something else.

Anonymous said...

Please don't dump them on Rockaway. We have plenty of poor houses already.

Anonymous said...

The mentally ill homeless are being used as paramilitary to drive all the homeowners before their homes are worth nothing.
Its 100% by design.
I hope them homeowners have what it takes to defend themselves because mentally ill homeless are the most dangerous and filthy. Many are also drug addicts who will kill to get a $20 fix

Tony Notaro said...

Place is already the third world. What difference, at this point does it make?

Anonymous said...

and what's joe addabo gonna do?
well a few speeches of outrage and his fight to stop this
more bull

JQ LLC said...

The city can also put them in rivington house, that has been sitting idle since all those bastards tried to flip the sale to 100 mil by using hookups from city officials

Anonymous said...

and what's Eric Ullrick goona do? NUTIN
It is the city putting it there it is his job to stop it not Addabo or Miller

Anonymous said...

If anyone still believes that any and all politicians in Queens (like cradle-to-grave parasites Ulrich, Addabbo and drunken bar waitress Ariola) will act with even marginal integrity, then they don't know the lethal effects of what it means to be part of a subhuman scourge of epic, humanitarian (and ecological) fail.

I see that the Repuglicans found a cushy job for that feckless, intensely incompetent leftover from Alfonse Stabile's disgraced office of yesteryear, Joann Ariola, who gives MENDACITY a bad name, and who can suspend all cognitive function at will.

The political fungi of Queens County makes hell look like heaven!

Anonymous said...

Those well off people in Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Lindenwood need to move.
The city needs the space and is set to destroy the neighborhood to get it. All those old NIMBYs need to understand they had it good for a long time, are now outnumbered with stupid voters. The time has come to move on or be annihilated physically and financially .
Its impossible to live in NYC like people did in 1965 so why bother!! Move south where one can buy a near mansion on Oviedo Florida 10 minutes from Disneyworld. Have apricot trees, tomato plants, private driveway 4 car garage, never see a snow shovel or any of the shit for $350K. Watch a NASA or Space X launch from a yard chair. An that includes the right to own a firearm, near nothing in taxes and great schools.
Same thing in red regular American populated states like Indiana & Texas.

Anonymous said...

And College Point is getting fucked with hotels and spas. Another shit dumping ground. Like it ir leave it' what other choice is there?

Anonymous said...

Same old shit! There are prime nabes and shit nabes. Make sure you live in the nabe you want! Yeah, you move to Texas where land is cheap and your school
age kids might get killed in their classroom!
Dress them in Kevlar and pack a gun in their lunch box.

Anonymous said...

Reading through the comments, some of them barely coherent, I think the basic point is being missed once again.
The point is; Deblasio the Democrat is responsible for this continuous assault on the working class communities of the city.
Operative word being DEMOCRAT.
Now, why some of the commenters here believe this is somehow linked to Republicans is just another measure of how clueless the average voter in this city is.

Once again for the slow, it's the Democrat mayor doing this, so the solution is to NOT vote Democrat in the future. Capiche? Entiende?


Keep your eyes on the ball, concentrate on voting for the other party, the
one that doesn't believe in open borders, chain migration, welfare for everyone, political correct snowflake-bs, higher taxes, weak military, America-last, homeless shelters for everyone and lowered standards for smart high schools.

Got it? Good.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Only choice at this point is to leave New York and other sanctuary shitholes, I do not mind immigrants as long as they learn to speak English and integrate but according the leftist communists that run this city, that is a racist thought crime. To hell with this shithole city. Its either third world immigrants who send money back home, scam the social service system, or hipsters living off daddy's money, and then a few super wealthy who live in penthouses in Manhattan. If you are a middle class working person New York is crap, everyone I met who lived in this city wound up bitter in their older age.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, you move to Texas where land is cheap and your school
age kids might get killed in their classroom"

Nonsense, in Texas most on the street, the teachers and kids have guns, all the shitheads come to New York to kill, push, punch and rob people.
To add id rather my daughter take her chances in a red state then be around 3rd world offspring shit or worse get raped or knocked up by one.
This multicultural "one for all stronger together" brainwash propaganda being pushed in NYC schools is no dam good.

NYC schools now have the kids doing these nosy show & tell games asking questions about the household, things in the house to spy on people. My niece 8 years told the teacher her mom was a bookie, had envelopes and people over. CPS, cops, mayors office of special enforcement and a detective raided the house. My aunt is a CPA BOOK KEEPER not a bookie!!
Proof this KGB like shit is starting !!!

This shelter is intended to bust up that neighborhood because the city feels it has to many white upper class hard working single households and not enough slobs

Anonymous said...

Im 52 yrs old and born in ozone park, I've seen this neighborhood go from beautiful to pathetic, i wont go into why (racial and political views) my parents paid their way to make it what it was ( somewhere to bring up a family without worry) not what i see today ( immigrants who get everything for free i remember my parents were immigrants and they had to first learn English and then get a job they built this country and had it very hard but they did it the right way. it is disgraceful what politicians today have made it and continue to make it worse every day it seems English is a second language. bringing in mentally ill homeless men into this community is like shitting on their graves, there should be hospitals for this. Not established communities. The People of Ozone Park will Pay dearly for this and the government don't give a shit. they must be on the take as expected . just look at other communities that have gone to the dogs. dont let this happen to us.