Friday, June 8, 2018

Flushing's Mormon church to become big development

From The Real Deal:

Developer Xin Xiang Lin is looking to building a residential complex on the site of a Flushing Mormon church.

Xin filed a permit application to build an eight-story, 131-unit mixed-used building at 144-27 Sanford Avenue. The 113,000-square-foot property will be built on a 24,000-square-foot lot that sits between 147th Street and Parsons Boulevard.

Plans call for 93,000 square feet of residential space, with apartments having an average size of about 710 square feet. The building will also contain 20,000 square feet for an unspecified community facility.

The site will replace a two-story structure that was built in 1931. Demolition permits have yet to be filed.


Anonymous said...

But of course. This is Flooshing!
And how come the Mormons didn't want to expand their own facilities on this site?
Because they had to incur into a residential nabe as close to "Religious Row" Parsons Blvd. as possible. That's where all the various churches ply their trade. The midway boardwalk of "religious freedom" (off the NYC tax rolls)!

Anonymous said...

Build a picturesque wall around the downtown hub and a transportation freeway high over it so nobody has to be bothered passing through this nightmare bottleneck.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Build a theme park like "Great Wall of China" wall around the downtown Flush Towne nabe.
Then you might have the great tourist attraction that all the politicians and businessmen have been bull shitting about creating for years!

Anonymous said...

Gla I can whiz by it all on the LIRR Port line from the northeast.
WHAT A DUMP! 3rd world slop joint!

Anonymous said...

The collection tray is the ultimate money laundering tax scam. But many countries are abolishing cash to end tax evasion and money laundering. Pay by QR code.

Anonymous said...

They scream"as of right". As long as these projects don't move into Whitestone Berchurst Malba or Chuck Apelian's little cul de sac. ITS ALL ABOUT CONTAINMENT! Who gives a shit if Asians want to live in the same nose to ass crowding like in their old country. BUT.....should Gene Kelty get a 15 story building next to his own'd see him get his Irish up! Phony toy government puppets whose strings are pulled by the REBNY stooges at borough hall!

Anonymous said...

How many times did the Ciampa organization make an offer to buy the air rights of the historic Old Quaker Meeting House on Northern Boulevard?
How many times did the Quakers refuse the offer?
It's a national historic landmark on par with the Statue Of Liberty!
Integrity still lives!
Those bums at CB7 would sell out their own grandchildren for $$$$$$!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of subsidizing their propaganda machines!

Anonymous said...

JUST what we need---a multiplication of people living in a given area. The Chinese are taking single family houses over and building multistory apartments on the sites. No wonder you can't drive ANYWHERE in Queens and get to your destination in a reasonable time. Nope, you will be caught up in bumper to bumper traffic, even on side street, as you toodle along behind Chinese drivers doing 19 cautious miles an hour and coasting 100 feet up to every light (missing them over and over again, of course, with this technique). You won't be able to find parking for your car when you finally get to your destination, not with so many more people living in the same area. Get your excuses ready for being late to appointments because of the untold traffic. Get used to having to duck and weave while walking down the overcrowded sidewalk. Get ready for a huge lag in garbage collection---more people generate a lot more garbage. ALL the infrastructure, already strained, will be further strained by multiple levels of people living where a single family once did. If they could, the freaking Chinese would build apartments up to the moon, the more rents to collect. They could care less about the environment, about animals, about esthetics, etc. MONEY is the only thing they care about.

Tony Notaro said...

All you need to know is....Xin Xiang Lin

Dab Barton said...

Kelty and Apelian are still there? Well, I guess that answers the question. They've been playing this game for years, no, decades. And not just Flushing; Whitestone and Beechurst and Bayside have all been, and continue to be overdeveloped with their approval, and quite honestly, with little resistance from you folks who live in North East Queens, or they would be out of office. I know, I used to live in Whitestone!

Anonymous said...

Tip of the iceberg. Just wait till the Catholic church cashes out most its shop in this city. Even in Long Island the Catholic schools is so cash strapped and falling down. Those cheapskates cant even get a piano tuned for the kids play. been out of tune for years (Holy family Hicksville).

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the Third World Chinese, third Anonymous from botton: Blame the white people who sanctioned their Third Worldism in the FIRST F**KING PLACE! If those filthy politicians along with Gene Kelty, Chuck Apelian and Community Board 7 weren't so adaptive to a lifetime of public corruption, graft and greed, then the overcrowding and over development would have never existed.

Not so much a 'controlled opposition' as an opposition that legitimizes the control.

❝The system cannot be fixed by the system.❞ —Tom Morello

❝You can fool all of the people some of the time, but if you do it just once, it lasts four years.❞ —Alfred E. Neuman

❝Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.❞―Friedrich Nietzsche

Finally, no one will ever solve inequality within a monetary system. It is designed to CREATE it——NOT SOLVE it:

❝Dear America: You are waking up, as Germany once did, to the awareness that 1/3 or your people would kill another 1/3—while 1/3 watches.❞ Werner Twertzog

❝The only thing hindering all out revolution is your fear of losing the scraps they throw at you.❞ —Gore Vidal



Anonymous said...

Whitestone ain't being overdeveloped like downtown Flushing. You're a dope! Or smoking it. The northeast has done fine protecting their nabes...mostly R1-2A. WTF are they supposed to do about reversing the high density zoning permitted for years in the downtown hub? You're an out of touch dummy. If the Chinese didn't build there someone else would have. Hate it? MOVE!
Bellyaching on line gets you NOTHING!

Dan Barton said...

Well Mr. Bellyaching, I did move. It's guys like you that support the Keltys and the Apelians of the world by denying the true reality and help destroy nice Northeast Queens neighborhoods with more and more housing that's not needed. What are you a crony or a relative?