Wednesday, June 6, 2018

City Council planning major crackdown on AirBnB

From The Real Deal:

The City Council is slated to consider a controversial bill seeking to fine Airbnb up to $25,000 for every listing it fails to disclose to the city.

The legislation, which will be introduced in the City Council on Thursday, requires online home-sharing companies to submit data on individual listings — including the host’s name, home address and phone number — to the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement, which goes after illegal hotel operators, Politico reported. Under the bill, Airbnb and similar companies can be fined between $5,000 and $25,000 for each listing that isn’t shared with the city.


JQ LLC said...

That asshole from Airbnb should shut the hell up, his demo references of struggling tenants are suspect and he and his crooked disruptive tech company has absolutely no credibility and brought these regulations on themselves. Regs that should have been instituted years ago.

That said, the hotel industry's tactics in spurring these long overdue fines are unethical and doesn't help. They are also not innocent considering that they are profiting nicely from the homeless crisis, not just here but from other national and even international big cities.

Anonymous said...

Anti constitutional communist crap to help special interest!
The city created this problem by inviting homeless from all over the world to drop anchor then allow hotel owners to rape customers $200 + a night compounded by a 20% tax an other surcharges.
If private homes where the owner resides are included, the bill in its current form cant stand up. The same way they KNEW they couldn't go after private home owners including communication (privacy rights)in private forums, emails and phone calls.

AiRBnB is a private peer-to-peer company based in San Francisco, California. Meaning good luck with those courts, including in the Supreme Court if steps in.
The bill will be 100% ant-constitutional if it effects private homeowners.
Apartment buildings and buildings where the landlord is in a contract may be a different story

Anonymous said...

Time for some commercials that show New Yorkers reminding everyone that their apartment buildings and neighborhoods are not hotels. Hotels are hotels.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is a wedge in the door to impose
The city is desperate and needs to know where all the unused apartments are to remove the "one on one" private renting aspect in order to establish more control and distribution regarding who gets the pads. (the city will choose who rents your place and how diverse your building will be.
deBlasio is assembling a Trojan horse to end one on one private listings and make everything go through a government distribution, perhaps some kind of lottery process.
This to socialize private living quarters to section 8 and the public at gunpoint. I believe its called "The Nordic Housing model" and "Nordic social democracy system"
The DOE has started making teachers push it in schools, something that really worries me as a private homeowner.

Scroll down to the "Reception" paragraph on this link for a better understanding