Thursday, June 7, 2018

City files lawsuit against AirBnB landlord

From AMNY:

One of the city’s “worst landlords” is accused of turning rent-stabilized apartments in Hell’s Kitchen into illegal hotel rooms and listing them on websites like Airbnb.

The Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement (MOSE) announced a lawsuit Wednesday against Big Apple Management LLC for allegedly converting seven buildings on 47th Street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, into illegal hotels despite years of complaints, violations and fines.

Based on the city’s inspections, at least seven of the unlawful hotel rooms had been rent-stabilized units before 2009.


Anonymous said...

And let me guess-- nothing can be done about it except some fines.

Anonymous said...

In the article:

"Christopher A. LeBron, president of the West 47th Street Tenants’ Association, said the organization was pleased to see further actions being taken against the landlord."

What fucking action, this shit has been going on with the landlord for years, plus has paid no fines.

Another who gives a shit anymore since the powers that be do do SHIT. Putting someone on the worst landlord list, like that hack James does, is like pointing at a dog who pees on the rug and saying "bad dog".

And what the fuck is "The Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement (MOSE)". Special enforcement as in NO ENFORCEMENT. Why does it have to be "special enforcement" when we all know everything is NO ENFORCEMENT.

As usual this shows how much this city really sucks and how there is nothing liberal or progressive about this fake progressive city and a fake progressive liberal mayor. Mayor dicWas is about as progressive and liberal as Trump. AND being married to a black lesbian does not count as liberal.

Anonymous said...

Waste of fucking time !! Sue the damn slumlords that illegally subdivide apartments. Thats where the true danger is that...

Anonymous said...

"The Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement"
Now everything goes through "the mayors office" --even the TV news. When they do a story they send a feed to the mayors office before airtime for some kind of return comment "to keep it legit" because what they are really doing is asking for permission to run the story.
They are all scared because the mayors office, head of media communication and press secretory. Those people decide who gets all the film and TV permits needed to operate in NYC. If somebody don't play nice they lose the "privileges" --reporters & crew access to press conferences included.

Its as corrupt as it gets, kind of like the press in North Korea where no press or TV dare upset the fat guy or anybody in government without a nod.
Believe it or not see the movie "Weiner" for good view of what goes on with NYC politicians and the media

Anonymous said...

>The alleged criminal activity has been going on for years, with at least 50 illegal hotel complaints at the buildings since 2011.

If this is criminal activity, why is the City's response a civil lawsuit? Arrest the guy, prosecute him!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of air B&B. Security hazard. Turning residential nabes into Crap holes.

Gino said...

Nothing to do with air B&B.
This was a LLC registered to do business in NYC who broke the rules they signed on with when they formed that company. Lot of people dont want log term rentals, when you do one of those your are STUCK and SCREWED when the tenant establishes residency then cant pay the rent, loses job, gets knocked up whatever..

The tenants have the upper hand every time with the bleeding heart housing court, too many tenants are now experts at working the system. The fines are far less then 18-36 months loss of rent & time in housing court. Its a massive amount of money lost and a housing court judge WILL NOT evict somebody unless a shelter is available to take them. No housing is available to execute a eviction on a defaulter and these scammers know it. Most woman will deliberately get pregnant to get protection from eviction or sec 8. And if you agree to take that sec 8 from her you will have her (and more) in your house forever

Landlords use AiRBnB because they dont want to be married to a tenant and deal with all the bullshit. The hostile housing court system has to be fixed including landlords rights restored in this city. In Texas if you dont pay your landlord in 7 days housing court send the sheriffs to throw your belongings to the curb. They and tell you too "start walking" or take a ride to the shelter, bus station or jail. This housing rights and 2 year long bullshit to get an eviction when you need it in New York is why most people do not want strangers establishing residency in a building.
AiRBnB and most landlords are not the bad guys, these LLCs SLUMLORDS and deadbeat tenants are !!

Dont want Crap holes? Then get rid of all the illegals creating the security, health hazards and laws already on the books.