Monday, May 8, 2017

AirBnB hosts fined over ads

From the Daily News:

Two Airbnb hosts — one who was renting out a Trump Tower apartment and another who listed her affordable housing co-op for $446 a night — have coughed up $1,000 each in fines under a law banning listings for short-term rentals, according to the city.

“The state law prohibiting illegal rental ads is helping us stop those who turn homes into hotels,” City Hall spokeswoman Melissa Grace said.

“The city has started receiving payments of these fines — including by a homeowner in Trump Tower and a Lower East Side resident who frequently rented out a home specifically reserved as affordable housing for low-income New Yorkers.”

The two hosts are the first people to pay their fines under the law, which prohibits advertising the properties. It was already against the law in New York to rent out an entire apartment for fewer than 30 days if the owner is not also at home.


Anonymous said...

I would figure that wasn't an option anymore in Trump Tower since the election of DJT. I find it strange, if you can afford to live there why you would rent out your apartment? Maybe you can't really afford to live there.

For the rent controlled: that should negate your rent controlled lease and let them charge market rate! Having a rent controlled apartment isn't a lottery ticket to let you pull in cash.

JQ LLC said...

Pathetic, those fines are a small pittance considering the literal scenes of the crime. A luxury condo owned by the president/figurehead of the united states and a public housing apartment in a overvalued trendy area in the lower east side and the tenants immoral exploitation and misuse of them. These two fiends deserve jail time.

It's high time to promote the real value of homes, the necessity of living in one instead of criminally capitalizing on them.

Gino said...

This is communism, the city is also in bed with the hotel owners who charge too much!!! Remember the city gets a 20% cut on all hotel-rooms through the hotel tax. Its a violation of several rights and a "conflict of interested" that should be challenged in the supreme court.

No problem, the fines are nothing.
These people will have to make airbnb a private club, where members sign in to view non public listings.

Anonymous said...

then there are those w Section 8 vouchers, who rent the apts and use the money to buy homes in SC etc, then brag abt it & post pix on social media ...

Anonymous said...

I airbnb-ed my student housing apartment and made a killing . I say go for it people . It's a tough world . So what you can