Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's time to resume pickups

"The department of Highways used to cleanup the adjacent land immediately off of the Jackie Robinson parkway, That hasn’t happened now for the last couple of years !! The trash is piling up it mostly comes from the cars passing by on their way east and west tossing their bottles and cans, baby carriages, overnight bags, partially eaten fast food and assorted other items out the window and over the fence on to the grass hills around 82 and 83 Avenue’s…

With the upcoming modifications of the highway and adjacent area’s it’s imperative that they resume their cleanup responsibilities associated with their property on behalf of the City of New York." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

Litterbugs need to receive tickets.
Hit them in the wallet and change their behavior.

Anonymous said...

The city should at least run a street sweeper along the sides of the highways. They don't even do that. There is so much crap along the sides of the highway a sweeper could pick up if they drove one down every so often.