Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hillside Avenue is one big garbage dump

WHY is nothing being done about the condition of Hillside Avenue, especially the stretch from 165th all the way to 179th, that is taking place on the north side and the south side, although the north side is a little better due to community board 8's involvement, both sides are not great, but the south side is a disaster. How is having a constant overflowing garbage can with garbage all around it near the entrance of the 179th Street subway right near Rocoto Restaurant acceptable. Why should the owners of this establishment have to deal with this and the patrons have to see this while dining.

Many businesses are not cleaning up in front of their places (165th to 174th) and some are actually dumping their business garbage in the public bins. Public bins are continuously overflowing and spilling on the ground due to infrequent pickup but more so because people are putting large amounts of household garbage into these receptacles (due to illegal apartments or landlords not providing garbage cans). I have watched people coming out of apartments and dump their household garbage in these public garbage cans, especially all of the ones on the South Side from 171st all the way to 179th. This morning I could not even put a circular from the newspaper in any of these, they were so filled and overflowing garbage. In fact this morning the public can at 174th in front of that dirty deli across from Major Mark Park was filled and overflowing and even had a huge wooden loading crate. This was like that on Thursday morning and nothing had changed except more garbage. I have seen this deli on a daily basis dump their business garbage in there. Speaking of Major Mark Park, a disaster of garbage and homeless people.

As far as the south side why isn't Councilman Miller on this, this is in his area and why isn't community board 12 doing something about this disaster called Hillside Avenue, it is a disgrace. It clearly looks like the slums of some third world country.

I do not have recent photos from today, but have photos from past visits and nothing has changed. Totally unacceptable and all leaders should be ashamed for allow this to continue.

Yet another reason why many are feed up with the current leadership.

Joe Moretti


Anonymous said...

These photos are proof enough that the politicians elected to run this district are incompetent and must be voted out!

Mike Francesa said...

Sure is.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when third worlders are allowed to take over a neighborhood. I remember going into a dollar store over there to buy a gift bag (the only thing I would ever buy from a dollar store over there) and as I was standing on the line I looked over and seen a bunch of single socks for sale in a box. These socks looked as if someone walked 10 miles in them and then they just decided to sell them singularly. It was gross but then again it was a store ran by third worlders so I didn't expect much from them.

Anonymous said...

Well, as a city we strived to get every low life from every third world country here while forcing out hard working people and families who cared about their communities to the suburbs. This is what we now have. Let's not complain, but embrace this show of vibrant diversity we have worked so hard to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Come to Manhattan, go over to avenues 3-2-1. Look at the effluent of all the bars and restaurants and shops. Then, you have literal mountains of residential garbage several times a week.

The situation out there is unfortunate but nothing compared to my "luxury city".

Anonymous said...

Speaking of third-worlders, try walking or driving down any street between 150th and 160th south of Northern Boulevard on a garbage pick-up day.
The slobs who inhabit the neighborhood dump their foul smelling refuse into a can without the benefit of a plastic bag, The slime that remains from their previous days meals defies odiferous. One literally has to hold their nose to prevent instantaneous vomiting.
Would someone please educate these immigrants in proper sanitation.

Anonymous said...

This is not a 3rd world issue, but its a political issue.

The politicians go ape-shit when it is something that involves trolling for votes or fund raising.

Governing the city is simply an annoying detail - like a nagging spouse - that they try to minimize as they try to set up a tryst with a nubile staffer.

Again, we need to set up a parallel government - a system with its on system a values, its on information network, and its on dissemination of information.

We need to teach civics, citizenship, and set up a value system among the public on what politics should deliver them.

An I can assure you it will not be tired platitudes that are meaningless after a few decades and development that no one I know wants for their community.

Honest Joe Crowley Says said...

Dear Friends-

I would like to ask you to please VOTE TODAY for my former House colleague and friend, Kathy Hochul, for Lieutenant Governor. If my friends John Liu or Leroy Comrie are on the ballot in your neighborhood, please also join me in supporting them for State Senate.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Joe Crowley

Joe said...

"politicians elected to run this district are incompetent and must be voted out!

Sheeple voters have allowed this buddy system of democrats to fester into one immense wall of soiled stinkin diaper for to long.
This whole wall needs to be busted apart, buried and replaced with honest people working FOR THE PEOPLE !
Speaking of--does anybody know how Avella is doing in the pols ?

Anonymous said...

Sure this system sucks, but the people need to stop bitching and start pitching together - the entire stinking mess would fall over if pushed.

Anonymous said...



Dear friends,

This Friday, I hope that you can join me to dance the night away at the first ever Silent Disco in Hunters Point South Park presented by Lincoln Center. As the Chair of the City Council's Cultural Affairs Committee, I'm proud to help bring exciting new cultural events to our borough. This "Silent Disco" will be fun, exciting and is in our own backyard! Join me!

Come at 6PM for a dance class or at 7PM for the start of the performance.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jimmy Van Bramer
Majority Leader, New York City Council

Anonymous said...

Silent Disco in a park ?
Is this a joke can someone s'plain how this works ?

Anonymous said...

Hipster kids love this.

Its Van Bramer the champion of the Chocolate Factory, er, the cultural community showing how hip he is.

Pity hipsters don't vote.