Thursday, June 5, 2014

A sunken forest for Arverne?

From Capital New York:

The architects behind a "double dune" system envisioned for parts of the Rockaways are pushing an even more ambitious proposal for the barrier peninsula: a sunken Forest.

"It's more for animals than for people, but the part for the people is primarily resiliency against flooding and sea surges," said Walter Meyer, who runs Local Office Landscape Architecture with his wife, Jennifer Bolstad.

Last Wednesday, Meyer, Bolstad and the developers they are working with presented their Sunken Forest-like proposal to the public at a charter school in Far Rockaway, part of a larger bid to win community and government backing for a mixed-use development called Arverne East.

Arverne East, in turn, is the latest in a multi-phase plan to build a new neighborhood on more than 300 city-controlled acres between Beach 32nd and Beach 84th streets in the Rockaways. That partially complete neighborhood is already home to than 1,000 families, but the Arverne East portion has been hampered by, among other things, the real estate crash.

Now, after Hurricane Sandy, the developers are re-imagining the project with the 50-acre nature park as one of its most beguiling features.


Anonymous said...

That looks really nice but NYC is filled with animals - human ones!!!

I could see women and kids getting snatched off that boardwalk.

But the architects rendering in very nice!

JQ said...

the only animals that have been growing in queens are raccoons and these>

those hipsters do love green areas paying exorbitant rents and that asshole taco stand though.So plant away.

Anonymous said...

The trees on Roosevelt Island are dead because the salt spray from the hurricane Sandy.

A good storm and these trees will be dead.

The big question is why we know that waterfront development is a disaster, yet we remain quiet while it continues.

We are putting 1000s at serious risk while wasting our taxes.